How to Edit Videos in the Windows 10 Photos App

Did you know that the Windows 10 Photos app is capable of editing videos too? Many people don’t realize it, but Microsoft rolled out several improvements since the 2017 Fall Creators Update that provided the Photos app with video editing features. In this guide, I will share how you can edit Videos in the Windows 10.

How to Edit Videos in the Windows 10 Photos App

The improved Windows 10 Photos app will provide you with two options to edit videos: Manually edit them, or use the automated Story Remix feature

How to manually edit videos in Photos

To start editing videos manually in the Windows 10 Photos app, you will need to:

  • Launch the app from the Photos tile in the Start Menu.
  • Check the Collection or Video Projects tab to make sure all your videos are available. If not, click Import and select the file folder or drive that contains them.
  • Start creating a video project by clicking on the Create a video project. Then add the videos with which you want to work. You will have to give a name to the project before starting.
  • Drag the videos that you want to edit to the Storyboard located in the lower part of the interface.
  • Edit the videos using the features that are available to trim, crop, resize, apply filters, add animated text or 3D objects, include background music, and so on.
  • Save the video on your hard drive, OneDrive, or any other cloud storage service.

As you can see it is easy enough to edit videos manually in the Photos app. The features available may be relatively basic, but the Photos app isn’t exactly intended to be a Windows version of iMovie.

How to Use Story Remix

If you’d prefer to create a video in the Photos app automatically, you can access the Story Remix feature. To use it you will need to:

  • Launch the app from the Photos tile in the Start Menu.
  • Start creating a Story Remix by clicking on the Create Video option and selecting the Story Remix feature.
  • Select the videos that you want to include. Then click Add to incorporate them in the video.
  • Enter a name for the video that you’re creating and click Create Video.
  • Review the video that will be created automatically. Next, click on the ‘Remix it for me’ button to automatically remix it in a different style and using different music and arrangement.

Since its release, the Story Remix has had lots of improvements and can now even use face detection to let you assign a ‘star’ of your story. It is worth trying out, and you can always edit the videos that you create manually later on if you want to tweak them in any way.

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