How to Enlarge Print Size while Printing in Windows 11/10

If you have been trying to print something either from a browser or from Windows’s native print dialog, and the font appears to be very tiny, you’re not alone. There are certain instances when one would like enlarged copies of the text or images printed. This post will guide you on How to Enlarge Print Size while Printing in Windows 11/10. There are various options for making a printer print larger font, and with slightly varying technique depending on which application you choose.

How to Enlarge Print Size while Printing in Windows 11/10

How to Enlarge Print Size while Printing in Windows 11/10

The method to enlarge the print size varies from application to application. Here’s a list of the most common applications and how to enlarge the printing sizes within them.

  1. Enlarge while Printing from a Browser
  2. Enlarge while Printing from a PDF
  3. Enlarge while Printing an Image

These steps do not need admin permission.

1] Enlarge while Printing from a Browser

If you would like to take enlarged prints while printing from a web browser, you could follow two methods. Here’s how to go about using the first method:

  • On the page you would like to take a printout of, for users on Chrome, head over to the top toolbar and choose the three-dotted icon.
  • From the dropdown, choose Print. Alternatively, you could also use the Control + P shortcut on your keyboard for the same.
  • In the print dialog, under the right pane, expand the More settings column.
  • Here, under Scale, from the dropdown, choose Custom. In the text box right next to it, type in a number between 10 and 200. Do note that the default scaling is set to 100, and would decrease going below it, and would increase upon moving above 100.
  • One can try and experiment with the sizes to find the perfect match.

Note: This same method could be used if one wants to enlarge an email’s print size.

Rather than just increasing the scaling percentage for printing, one could also change it for the whole browser. Here’s how:

  • In the Chrome browser, head over to the top toolbar and choose the three-dotted icon.
  • Right next to the label stating Zoom, click on the ‘+’ to zoom in and the ‘-‘ button to zoom out. Zoom in, as per your preference, and then try taking a printout using the Control + P shortcut.

2] Enlarge while Printing from a PDF

If you’re using a third party PDF application on your Windows 11/10 PC, here’s how to enlarge the print size:

  • Open the PDF to be printed in the supported PDF application (for example, Adobe Reader)
  • Click on the print icon in the top toolbar or press Control + P on your keyboard to bring up the print dialog.Enlarge Print via PDF
  • Next, under Print Size and Handling, in the text box near Custom Scaling, enter a scaling percentage, and click on Print.

3] Enlarge while Printing an Image

If you’re trying to print multiple images using the Windows print dialog box, you may notice that Windows often tends to print multiple images on a single page, thereby scaling every image down. Here’s how to print a full-sized image in Windows:

  • Select the images to be printed, make a right-click, and choose Print from the drop-down menu.
  • Next, in the print dialog, choose Full Page Photo from the right navigation pane, and max out the quality in the dialog present above it.Enlarge Print for an Image
  • Uncheck the checkbox stating Fit Picture to Frame if you do not want some parts of the image to be cropped out.
  • Once done, click on Print, and you should find the desired result.

How to Change Font or Text Size in Windows 11/10

Regardless of you’ve got a laptop with a miniature screen or a desktop with an enormous monitor, your computer’s fonts (text size) may be too tiny to read and print conveniently. Or, conversely, they could be larger than you require. Microsoft’s Windows ships with tons of options, using which you can easily adjust the text size either for the entire operating system or just for particular parts of the interface. Read the post to learn how to change font or text size in Windows 11/10.

With that said, which size did you find perfect for yourself? Do let us know by dropping a comment down below.

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