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How to Fix Connections to Bluetooth Audio Devices and Wireless Displays in Windows 11/10?

Having issues while connecting to Bluetooth audio devices or wireless displays in your Windows? If yes, then read on. As in this article, I will be answering how to fix connections to Bluetooth audio devices and wireless displays in Windows 11/10.

Here are we are talking about two things. The first is the connection with the audio device over Bluetooth, and the second is with Wireless Display.

What is Wireless Display?

Wireless Display, also called Miracast, allows Windows PC to have a second screen without a wired connection.  If your wireless display doesn’t, you’ll need a Miracast adapter that plugs into an HDMI port.

Wireless devices are an essential part of many, and there are lots of equipment that are wirelessly paired with our PC. And it is extremely irritating when any of the wireless devices stop working.

But not to worry, below are all the steps that will help you to solve the issue instantly.

Fix Connections Bluetooth Audio Devices Wireless Displays Windows

How to Fix Connections to Bluetooth Audio Devices and Wireless Displays in Windows 11/10?

Follow these methods to resolve the problem

  1. Turn On Bluetooth
  2. Update Bluetooth Driver
  3. Remove and Re-pair The Bluetooth Device
  4. Check If Your PC Supports Miracast
  5. Run Bluetooth Troubleshooter
  6. Remove and Reconnect the Wireless display

You may need admin permission to execute some of these. Also, make sure you are not in Airplane mode when doing so and the devices are turned on.

1] Turn On Bluetooth

Before you get into any fixes, the first thing that you need to do is ensure that Bluetooth is enabled on your computer and the device you are trying to connect. As in most cases, people forget to turn on Bluetooth on either of their devices. So make sure you are not that person.

To check your Bluetooth status on Windows, you can follow the below steps:

  1. At first, go to the Windows search bar and type down Bluetooth.
  2. Launch Bluetooth and other device settings.
  3. Then make sure that the Bluetooth toggle is turned on. Even if it is turned on, you should turn it off and then turn it on again.
  4. Also, you have to do the same thing with the device you are trying to connect. After that, do perform a pairing and see if it has fixed the issue for you.

2] Update Bluetooth Driver

There is also a pretty good chance that the Bluetooth driver you are using is outdated. Hence, it would be a good idea to check if there is any Bluetooth driver available or not. To update the driver, you can follow these below steps:

  1. At first, right-click on the Windows start menu and select Device Manager.
  2. Then locate the Bluetooth category and expand it.
  3. After that, right-click on the Bluetooth device and select Update Driver.
  4. Then select Search automatically for Drivers.
  5. If it doesn’t install any update for you, click on Search for updated drivers on Windows update.
  6. Finally, install Windows updates and see if it has fixed the issue for you.

3] Remove and Re-pair The Bluetooth Device

You can also try removing and repairing your Bluetooth devices. So in case, if there is any pairing issue, it will get fixed.

To do this, you have to follow these below steps:

  1. Go to the Windows search bar and search and launch Bluetooth and other devices settings.
  2. Then click on the device which is having a connection problem and click on Remove device.
  3. Next, click on the Add Bluetooth or other device option, follow all the on-screen instructions, and repair your devices.

4] Check If Your PC Supports Miracast

If you have a hard time connecting your wireless device to your computer, you should check if your Windows system supports Miracast.

Talking about Miracast, it is a wireless screen mirroring tool that allows you to broadcast anything from a Miracast capable device. Also, almost all modern-day devices support Miracast these days.

But your system might not support it. Hence, you better check whether your Windows system has Miracast support or not by checking the below steps:

  1. At first, launch the Run box by pressing the Win key + R.
  2. Then type down dxdiag and press enter, and it will launch the DirectX Diagnostic Tool window.
  3. Next, let the tool run for a few seconds as it needs to collect information related to your computer.
  4. Once the process is completed, click on the save all information button.
  5. After that, choose a location and save the DxDiag.txt file on your computer.
  6. After that, open the text file and use the Find option to search for Miracast.
  7. Finally, you will get to know whether your computer has Miracast support or not.

5] Run Bluetooth Troubleshooter

In the end, you should try running a Bluetooth troubleshooter. However, if you are aware of the Windows troubleshooter, you already know it doesn’t really help in most cases. But still, there is no harm in running a troubleshoot and see if Windows can help us with any error or not.

To run a Bluetooth troubleshooter, you will need to follow the below steps:

  1. Click on the Windows search bar and search and launch Find and fix problems with Bluetooth devices.
  2. Then on the next screen, click on the Next button to proceed ahead.
  3. After that, Wait for the troubleshooter to find Bluetooth problems.
  4. If it finds any issue, it will let you know, and then you can look for solutions to fix connections to Bluetooth audio devices and wireless displays.

6] Remove and Reconnect the Wireless display

To remove the device, open Settings > Devices  > Bluetooth & other devices. Select the wireless display, adapter, or dock, then select Remove device. After that, try reconnecting.

I hope the post was easy to follow, and you were able to resolve the problem with the Bluetooth Audio Devices and Wireless Displays.

Why Is Wireless Display Not Working?

Check if your TV is turned on and connected to the Wireless network. Since screen mirroring relies on a Wifi connection, there should not be any issues around it. You can also reset the network connection on the TV and reconnect to the network.

How Do I Fix Bluetooth Not Finding Devices?

At first, make sure that Bluetooth is turned on both of your devices. Then remove the device from Windows and pair it again. If it doesn’t work, then update Bluetooth drivers on Windows. Also, make sure that that device you want to connect is in pairing mode. This method will vary from device to device.

How Do I Connect To An Already Connected Bluetooth Device?

Open Windows Settings, and navigate to Bluetooth and devices. Toggle on Bluetooth. Now you can connect to already connected devices.

Can Windows Connect To Bluetooth Speakers?

Yes, you can connect your Bluetooth speakers to Windows 11/10. All you have to do is go to Bluetooth and other devices settings. After that, click on Add Bluetooth or other device and then connect your Bluetooth speakers, and you are good to go.

Why Does My Wireless Display Keep Disconnecting?

You can try performing a network reset to reinstall network devices to fix any connectivity issues with your wireless display. For this, click on start button > go to settings > Network & Internet  > Status > Network reset. After that, click on Reset now > and then click on Yes to confirm, and the issue should get resolved.

How Do You Fix Protected Content Cannot Be Viewed on This Device?

To fix this issue, you can try allowing Cast to device functionality. For this, go to the Windows search bar, type down Allow an app through Windows Firewall, and press enter. Next, scroll down and look for Cast to device functionality, Connect and Connected Devices Platform and check the box Private & Public. Then click on OK and restart your PC, and it should fix the issue.

How Do I Reconnect to My Wireless Display?

Click on the notification icon from the system tray and click on Expand option from the bottom left corner. Next, click on connect, and then Windows will start looking for your wireless display. Once it finds the display, select it and click on connect.

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