How to Fix Downloading Application Error Code 8000FFFF after Windows Phone 8 Restore

If you have tried restoring your Windows Phone 8 using the new Backup / Restore feature, some of you might have seen some ghostly downloads, labels as Downloading Application, in the store section. The download is stuck forever and asks for your attention. When you tap and try to resume, it throws an error saying :

There has been a problem completing your request. Try Again Later. Error code 8000FFFF

Surprisingly while, trying to figure out what the error was one of the Download Application started working when I started downloading Nokia Drive + Beta App.  This made it obvious that the problem was restoring some of the apps which were not normally available on Store but were manually downloaded  by your.  The restore process has a problem recognizing this and hence the Download Application is stuck forever.

WP8 Restore Downloading Applications Error

So in case you are also stuck with the same kind of error, I will suggest you to start recalling what all apps you had apart from what was already downloaded. Chances are either they are apps which were side loaded or installed via beta invites. In case you cannot recall, cancel to remove it from the list.

So for these kind of situations, Microsoft needs to fix the Restore Process either to keep the beta apps getting listed in the cloud or at least give the name of the app.

What did you do to fix the error ?

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  1. Interesting: you can “recommend” the app via email and thus find out which app it is.
    The first one i tried this with is a normal app from the store, listed as compatible with windows phone 8.

  2. In my case it turned out that these applications all were standard applications like “Audio”, “Maps” etc. which cannot be installed from the website.
    After I cancelled the downloads these apps showed up under “Updates” where they could be downloaded without any issues.

  3. I just had to restore a new phone yesterday. I was gettting that error code for about 11 apps. The apps showed up under updates after removing them from the list. Thanks for the post!

  4. I had this error without a restore. I started a download of “Asphalt 7 Heat” (878MB) and it was interrupted when WiFi switched off after the phone went to sleep (I had the box to keep it active unchecked). The error popped up when I tried to resume, and I cancelled the download several times before retrying with the same error. I even deleted internet history in an attempt to get at whatever cache was broken. In the end, I had to switch off WiFi and try the download again. That put it in the “pending for wifi” status and when I turned WiFi back on and hit retry it finally downloaded. Hope this helps someone.

  5. It might also be that if the Store (in WP8) country is changed, most of the apps may not be downloaded in the restore part. Not sure how this can be fixed though.

  6. I had same problem on nokia lumia 620 with effect to 18 failed updates. Having tried all the offered solutions, none of which worked for me, I opened “Store” from menu; Touched the notified 18 updates on Store homepage and the list of failed update was shown. Press and hold each failed update individually and was offered “retry” or “cancel update”. Touching “Cancel update” for each, one at a time removed all such notifications.

  7. To combine these. The attention required are or were special offers that were sent out with the first Phone, which by the time you got a replacement were no longer included, or had moved. No matter of retrying worked for me, so the best solution was to tap and hold until you see Retry or Cancel download. Might as well cancel them all as if they need updating, the next time you completely restart your phone it will notify you. Thanks for all who helped.

  8. ==========================================
    One Simple Things to do at next Restore WP. Change your Regional Time, Browser, and Location at ‘Language and Regional’ Setting.

  9. Thanks for the advice! It really helped me understand what was going on with my Nokia Lumia 925. I did manage to find a way to restore my apps using the site and enabling push installs to my phone. The site records everything that you install, including updates by the manufacturer. I did take the time to write up a more detailed description of how i got my phone restored over here: Again, thanks for the phone. I wouldn’t have found another way around the problem without it :)

  10. I have a Nokia Lumia 900 with “Error code 8000ffff” when I download “Refresh Marketplace”. Please help to solve this issue. Tks!

  11. I was able to cancel the downloads that were giving me the error code 8000ffff by going into the store and manually cancelling the downloads in progress. I am using the Lumia 521

  12. I’m using Nokia Lumia 520..i cant download all my application andnit give me worry..i cant restore????


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