How To Fix Ethernet Connection in Windows 11/10

Are you not being able to access the internet using the Ethernet cable? Then there can be quite a lot of reasons behind the problem. Maybe your PC doesn’t recognize the Ethernet connection, you are using incorrect network configuration, or you are using outdated network drivers. However, no matter the issue, let me go ahead and guide you on how you can fix the Ethernet connection in Windows 10.

Preliminary Checks for Ethernet Connection Issues

Before you go ahead and start fixing the issue, you can try specific quick fixes. Please check on some of the basic things.

  • Make sure that the Ethernet cable you are using is not damaged.
  • You can try connecting the Ethernet cable to another port on your router, as the port you are using might be damaged.
  • You can try unplugging and replugging the Ethernet cable.
  • Try to connect the Ethernet cable to another PC and see if you are still getting the same issue.

If any of these fixes don’t work for you, you can try the following methods to fix the internet problem related to the Ethernet wire in Windows.

How To Fix Ethernet Connection Windows 10

How To Fix Ethernet Connection in Windows 11/10

Follow these suggestions to fix the Ethernet not working in Windows.

  1. Run Network Troubleshooter
  2. Flush DNS and Reset TCP/IP
  3. Reset the Ethernet Adapter
  4. Enable Ethernet Connection
  5. Enable Ethernet Device and Update Drivers
  6. Change DNS to Google or Cloudflare DNS
  7. Temporarily Disable Antivirus or Firewall
  8. Change Power Management Settings for Ethernet

You will need an administrator account to execute the suggestions.

1] Run Network Troubleshooter

Run Network Troubleshooter

Sometimes running the primary troubleshooting method helps you to fix the issue. Or know what’s causing the problem so you can take further steps. And to run the network troubleshooter, do follow these steps:

  • First, press the Windows key + I to launch Update & Security.
  • Then go to Troubleshoot option from the sidebar.
  • Now, click on Additional Troubleshooters.
  • Next, click on Internet Connections > Run the troubleshooter.
  • After that, follow all the on-screen instructions and see if it has helped you with any clue or fix.
  • Finally, restart your PC to save changes.

2] Flush DNS and Reset TCP/IP

  • Right-click on Windows and select Command Prompt(Admin).
  • Once you are on CMD, run these below commands one by one:
ipconfig /release

ipconfig /flushdns

ipconfig /renew
  • After running the commands, then close and relaunch CMD Admin and run the below commands after each one:
ipconfig /flushdns

nbtstat –r

netsh int ip reset

netsh winsock reset

netsh winsock reset catalog

netsh int ipv4 reset reset.log
  • Finally, reboot to apply changes and see if it has helped you to fix Ethernet Windows 10.

Reset the Ethernet Adapter

Reset the Ethernet Adapter

  • Press Windows Key + I to launch Settings and then go to Network & Internet.
  • Next, click on Status from the sidebar menu.
  • Then scroll down and click on the Network reset option.
  • Finally, click on the Reset now button and let the process get completed.

After that, try connecting to the internet and see if you are still getting the same issue.

4] Enable Ethernet Connection

There is also a high chance that you have disabled the Ethernet connection mistakenly. Hence, you are not able to connect to the internet. And the below steps will help you to enable an Ethernet connection on Windows:

  • First, press the Windows key + R to launch the RUN prompt.
  • Then type down ncpa.cpl and press Enter to open Network Connections.
  • Now, right-click on the Ethernet connection and select Enable.

 5] Enable Ethernet Device and Update Drivers

search for updated drivers on Windows Update

Maybe, your PC is running an outdated or corrupted Ethernet device or drivers. So it would be a good idea to update the device drivers and check whether it has solved the issue.

  • First, right-click on the Windows icon and go to Device Manager.
  • Next, expand the Network adapters, right-click on the Ethernet device, and select Enable. However, if it’s already enabled, then do skip the step.
  • Download the driver from the OEM, and then install the ethernet driver it using the setup file.

It will point towards the Windows Update Optional Updates section to look for an update to the driver. Install if available, and reboot your PC to save the changes.

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Apart from this, you can also Manually update the drivers. Go to Device Manager > Right-click on Ethernet device > Update Driver.

  • Over here, select Browse my computer for driver software.
  • And then select Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer.
  • After that, select the latest Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller driver and click Next.
  • Finally, let your system install the latest drivers and give your system a restart.

6] Change DNS to Google or Cloudflare DNS

change DNS in Ethernet Adaptor

Google DNS also helps you get rid of many network-related issues. Plus, it provides you with enhanced security. So you can try switching to Google DNS and see if it has helped you fix the Ethernet connection error on Windows 10.

  • Go to Control Panel > Network and Internet.
  • Then click on Network and Sharing Center and go to Change adapter settings.
  • Over here, right-click on your Wi-Fi connection and select Properties.
  • Next, select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click Properties.
  • Over here, place a checkmark on the Use the following DNS server addresses option and enter the following DNS values:
Preferred DNS server:

Alternate DNS server:
  • Finally, click on OK, give your system a restart, and then check if you are still facing the issue.

Similarly, you can also use Cloudflare DNS

7] Temporarily Disable Antivirus or Firewall

If you are using any antivirus application on your computer, it might be why you are having trouble with your internet connection. Hence, it is advised that you disable it. For this, follow these steps:

  • Right-click on your Antivirus program icon from the system tray and select Disable.
  • Then, select the time frame for the Antivirus program to stay disabled.
  • Next, try to access the internet and see if you are still getting the same error.
  • Also, disable the Firewall by going to Control Panel >System and Security and > Windows Firewall.
  • Now, click on Turn Windows Firewall on or off from the sidebar menu.

8] Change Power Management Settings for Ethernet

  • Right-click on the Windows icon and go to Device Manager.
  • Then expand the network adapter, right-click on the Ethernet device, and go to Properties.
  • Next, go to Power Management.
  • Over here, uncheck the Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power option.
  • Finally, click on Apply and OK and restart your PC.

So that was the answer to your—how to fix Ethernet connection Windows 11/10—question. Now go ahead and try out the above fixes and see if it has helped you get rid of the error. Also, if you have any more questions, do feel free to comment below.

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