How To Fix Screen Flickering in Windows 11/10?

Working with a flickering screen is irritating, and there is no doubt about it. It gives you a bad headache and almost makes it impossible for you to continue with your work. Screen flickering is a pretty common issue that a huge number of people have encountered. But luckily, fixing the screen flickering Windows issue is not as complicated as it might seem.

Instead, there are a couple of methods that can be used to get rid of the error. So let’s jump straight to the solutions right away:

What Causes Screen Flicker Issue?

Screen flickering issues may appear because of a wide range of reasons. Some of the common reasons are the following:

  • The problem might be with your display adapter or graphics driver.
  • There might be an incompatible program causing the issue.
  • Your display is set on an incorrect refresh rate, which causes the screen flicker issue.
  • Loose or incorrect connections.

Fix Screen flickering Windows

How To Fix Screen Flickering in Windows 11/10?

Now that you know why the screen is flickering on your Windows machine, let’s talk about the below fixes to get rid of it. In this article, we will be talking about the following fixes:

  1. Check cable connections
  2. Check Refresh Rate Of Your Display
  3. Update Graphics Drivers
  4. Remove Incompatible Applications
  5. System Restore

Let’s now talk about these fixes briefly below:

1] Check Connections

First thing first, make sure that there are no loose connections as it is one of the common reasons the screen is flickering.

So double-check your HDMI or VGI connections. Try removing the connections and replugging them and see if it has helped you to fix the issue. In case if you have extra cables, do try to change the wires and see if they worked.

Also, if possible, try connecting your computer monitor to some other device and check if your screen is flickering or not. If it is not flickering, then the issue might be with your computer hardware or software.

2] Check Refresh Rate Of Your Display

Change Refresh Rate Monitor Windows

Modern computers come with a high refresh rate supported Display. But in case if your software is not correctly tuned for the high refresh rate, your screen might flicker.

In such a case, you can lower down the refresh rate to see if your screen is flickering or not. You can change your Display’s refresh rate by following the below steps:

  • Right-click on your Display and go to Display Settings.
  • Navigate to Advanced Display.
  • From the choose a refresh rate dropdown menu, select a lower refresh rate like 60hz.

Once done, reboot your computer and see if your display is still flickering or not.  

3] Update Graphics Drivers

There could also be a chance that you are using an outdated display or graphics driver, causing screen flickering. So you can try updating your graphics driver and see if it helps you get rid of the error.

You can update your graphics driver by going to Windows Settings > Windows Update > Advanced Options > Optional Updates.

Optional Updates Windows 11 Updates

Over here, check if there is any update available for the graphics driver. If yes, then download and install it.

If you don’t find any driver using the above steps, you can consider using a third-party driver updating tool. Here is the list of best driver updating software you can try.

4] Remove Incompatible Applications

If you recently installed any application and only then are you facing a flickering screen issue, the software might be causing the error.

In most cases, graphics-related software and other outdated applications cause this error. To fix the issue, you remove the software by following the below steps:

  • Go to Windows Windows Settings > Apps > Apps & Features.
  • Over here, look for your recently installed apps or graphics-related software.
  • Click on the three dots icon and select uninstall to remove them.

5] System Restore

select restore point screen flickering

Lastly, if nothing solves your issue, going for a system restore might be the best idea. System Restore takes your computer to the point when everything is working fine. For this, follow the below steps:

  • Go to Windows Search (Win + S) and type down Create a restore point and launch it.
  • Click on System Restore.
  • Over here, it would be best if you got to see a recommended restore point and an option to select a restore point.
  • Select your preferred choice and follow the on-screen instructions.

However, if you need an additional guide on this, I strongly recommend you to check out our guide on how to create and restore the using system restore in Windows.

How Do You Fix a Flickering Laptop Screen?

If your laptop’s screen is flickering, then try removing the existing display and graphics driver. If that didn’t work, then try updating your drivers. If nothing works out for you, it’s better to take your laptop to the service center for further help.

Can HDMI Cause Flickering?

In some cases, it does. If your HDMI cable is too long, it might affect the signal quality and lead to issues like screen flickering. It is also important that the cable meets the standard required to transfer audio and video from one device to another.

Why Is My Monitor Blinking on and Off?

If your computer screen keeps going on and off, it could mean that your monitor is damaged. Or sometimes, it can be your Windows settings too. To check this, I recommend you connect your monitor to some other device to see what’s going on.

So that was all for how to fix screen flickering Windows 11/10. Now go ahead and try following the above fixes and see if it has helped you in any way. Also, if you have any more questions to ask, do let us know.

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