How to Fix Windows 10 Update When it Stucks

Windows update usually doesn’t take much time in Windows 10 but if it fails to install any individual update then doesn’t proceed further and gets stuck. The problem is more annoying because it Windows 10 install update when we turn on or shut down the computer in the begging or at the end of the day and unnecessary delay can spoil our other plans. Though, the operating system comes with an in-built troubleshooter to fix such issues that normally performs three actions.

  1. It turns off Windows update service
  1. Changes the name of C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution folder to C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution.old to clear the cache of Windows update download
  1. Turns Windows update service back to start over.

In order to access the Windows update troubleshooter you need to,

  • Right click on Start and select Control Panel from the list
  • Change the View from Category to Large or Small icons
  • Select Troubleshooting from the list


  • Under System and security you will find a link ‘Fix problem with Windows update’, click on it


  • A new window will pop up, click on Advanced


  • Make sure that the Apply Repairs Automatically option is checked


  • Click on Run as Administrator

The troubleshooter will start working to identify and fix the problem. Most of the time it successfully resolves the issue by eliminating the stuck update from the list. After that you can start the Windows update again and it should cause any problem. At times the troubleshooter tells that it couldn’t fix the problem in that situation you can use the manual method to delete the cache.

  • First of all click on Start button
  • Now click on the Power Button to get three options, Shut Down, restart and Sleep
  • Hold the Shift key and click on Restart to reboot the system in Safe Mode
  • Once the system gets restarted, Press Windows key + X
  • Select Command Prompt (admin) from the list
  • Type net stop wuauserv in the command prompt to stop Windows update service


  • Leave the command prompt open and open file explorer from the start menu
  • Click on This PC
  • Click on Windows (C:)


  • Click on Windows folder from the list


  • Scroll down and click on SoftwareDistribution folder


  • Press Control key + A to select all files and delete them
  • Now go back to the Command Prompt screen and type net start wuauserv to restart the Windows update service.


When you see the message Windows update service was restarted successfully, then close the command prompt and reboot the system into normal mode ((just restart it). Once the system gets rebooted, run windows update once again by going to Settings > Update and security > Check for updates and there shouldn’t be any problem.

So, this is how you will solve the Windows 10 update stuck problem. If you face any problem, do let us know in the comments section below and we will try to fix it.

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