How to Force Install Windows Phone 7.8 Update

The Windows Phone 7.8 update which brings in some of the features of WP8 to first generation devices were rolled out yesterday and the process will continue till February. The update will be available for your unlocked phones depending on your location. So if you want to install the update, you need to connect your phone to Zune Software and then check for updates.

But in case Zune is still showing no new updates, you can actually force the update on your Phone. A new tool has been developed by Windows Phone Hacker, called Seven-Eighter which will install the updates directly on the phone.

Disclaimer: Before you update the phone using this method, please note that you will have to update at your own risk WPXBOX will not be responsible for any issues caused because of this update.

This simple little tool to automate the process of downloading and installing the updates to your phone. The application is compatible on Windows and you need to connect the device to PC using the cable and then run the tool. Click on the button Install WP7.8 updates.

Seven eight

This will prompt you to select the languages. Please note you need to select all the languages which are currently available on your phone. Click on OK. Now your phone will reboot an will start installing the update. On the phone you will see a white progress bar indicating the installation of updates.


Once the installation is complete, you will see the phone booting again with the sucess message of installation of updates. Please note if you have not updated the phone for quite some time, you will have to install all the previous updates before you can get WP7.8. So you might have to follow this procedure multiple times.

Download Seven-Eighter

Nirmal is a big fan of Windows phone ever since it was released. He started off with Nokia Lumia 800 and then got the Lumia 920. Presently he owns the Lumia 730 and Lumia 930.


  1. “UpdateWP.exe Failed … Two or more packages in the update contain the same file.%” Any ideas ? Thanks!

  2. Does it work? Yes, but it’s a little more involved than what is described here.

    First, it requires the installation of the Windows Phone Engineering Flashing Tool. Sure, the SevenEight updater will automatically download them for you, but it is an extra step.

    Second, the tool is archived in a .rar file. If you don’t already have WinRAR installed on your PC, or some other extraction tool which supports the format, that’s an extra step.

    Third, it might actually force Zune to do an update, as well. In my case, after running through the process using the SevenEight updater on my Lumia 900, and updating to Windows Phone 7.8, Zune informed me that I had an update, requiring me to go through the process of updating my phone (this time through Zune) again.

    So, yes, it works, but it’s not exactly as advertised…

  3. @Chico,
    SevenEight tool will automatically download everything needed, you do not have to worry about and thats the reason it was not mentioned. Now regarding WinRAR, if you go to finer details, probably I’ll have to write, you will need a Windows OS and a browser and Internet connection before doing this steps :-)
    Zune update happens only if you have not updated previously and it does not happens to all and Zune update is not required if you run the tool multiple times and we have mentioned this in the article.

  4. @Nirmal, Yes, as I noted, “SevenEight updater will automatically download them for you, but it is an extra step.” I’m just pointing out the extra steps that a noob may have to go through. As for the Zune update, I was already at 7.10.8779.8 (Tango) prior to using the tool. While I realize that there is a 7.10.8783.12 update out there, not sure why it would be necessary to install them sequentially, instead of rolling directly to 7.10.8858.136. But, I’m a Server Admin, NOT a Windows Phone programmer, so I can only assume the need for the sequental update. Although I did not check the versions between what SevenEight applied, and what Zune applied, I’m guessing that’s what happened.

  5. thank you very much i really needed the update (i’m in austria and its not even nearly getting out! it was really easy and safe 2 do this ;) thx

  6. The Bluetooth Share App is not installed and also the Camera Applications is not yet installed is there any solutions about this???

  7. Oh and it says I have to download something when I click install wp7.8. I downloaded it so what do I do?

  8. You need to have all the language packs selected on the app which are currently there in your phone. So go to settings in phone and see the languages available.

  9. Hi Nirmal, can you upload a version for Win32…When I try to install the exe it says it is not a valid Win32 application.

  10. have done successfully…..but still bluetooth is not working…plz advice….FYI..i have tried both the way with the SW provided by Nokia (Bluetooth share) and general bluetooth option….plz advise…plz

  11. This works beautifully on my HTC Radar …..had to restart it a couple times but it eventually installed all my missing updates ….Thanks!!

  12. while updating should I select languages listed in Setting/Keyboard or listed in setting/region+languages/Display Languages ?

  13. I can’t update my lumia … It just keep on saying , zunecfg.dll is missing , reinstall the program again.. What should i do? I did everything but still nothing happens

  14. Copy the zunecfg.dll file from your zune installation folder to C:\Program FIles\Zune. So my zune isn’t installed there, it is in C:\Program FIles (x86)\Zune. Perhaps yours is also there.
    Think the updater choosed the wrong zune location because of my update from windows 7 to windows 8 on the laptop.

  15. Is this working on lumia 800 for M1variant phone from singapore….official update for this phone is not released…!

  16. hi could you help me i have htc 7 trophy with 7.8 update after installing this update the phone is working slower how can i update from 7.8 to 7.5 update because this orginal update is working better than 7.8?thanks

  17. Hey Guys!!!

    You know what, This WORKED for me!
    My Samsung Omnia W rebooted about 5 times and I was little worried initially but the surprise was that my phone updated to 7.10.8862!!!
    Thank you!!!!

  18. Hii
    I updated my phn. and my phn shows ur phn is updated but actually its not updated its still d same wat to do?

  19. 7.10.8783.12
    I tried doing it by another way thru zune. Update is available. But in the last step after installing the updates it shows error 80180048. How to resolve any idea..

  20. It installed perfectly but have 2 errors or they don’t open their the about in settings and the people app it works but doesn’t let me create any contact plz help

  21. eu tento instalar mais da erro no aplicativo seven eight, dizendo que ira enviar relatorios o que eu faço para conseguir atualizar meu telefone

  22. I updated my lumia 900 to 7.8,my OS version is 7.10.8862.144 but my firmware number still the same as the 7.5 !! Is this normal?everything works mms apn ,i tried update on Zune but it’s up to date what can i do ?and if my firmware update on the 7.8 update do u still have the set up for mms and apn ?i have straight talk thanks !!

  23. Thank you so muchhh Mate :D I just bought my phone and tried to update And nothing worked except for this method !!
    Worked on my nokia lumia 900. And it works perfectly !!

  24. hi i did the process 3 or 4 times, every time upgrade a version, before tells me, -it´s done, but now i see in info “software 7.5 but below in so version 7.10.8862.144, i dont understand! have scalable tiles but dont have other things like bluetooth share. what can i do?

  25. can you let me know lumia 710 isn’t support wi-fi internet sharing connection to my laptop & xp3, bcuz other lumia’s have internet sharing option in system application, can u let me know details to solve regarding

  26. i istall that app on htc titan . phone was update but my phone wifi and phone app is not working. what i do now. please?

  27. Same as me HTC titan 2
    Tried to do it again. It said Unsucceed update. Now I cannot turn off wifi, cannot set it back to manufactory firmware.
    If there is something new please let me know.


  29. I have installed many application and paid games in my Nokia Lumia 800, and now want to update the mobile, so have I used to purchase games once again after the update??
    please guide me.

  30. i have connected my USB cable to the desktop that i’m using now, then how do i get to see my photos bcoz it doesn’t want to open?

  31. hi Nirmal,

    I have a nokia 710 running window os. Do you know how can force to reinstall the window os? because it always freeze at the home screen.

    Thank you


  32. i have an htc trophy with os version 7.10.7720.68 .is this upgradable to. 7.8? if yes what should i do in seven eighter first?

  33. I was installing my htc 7 trophy with seven-eighter but, there was a break at last time.
    after that my phone is dead.
    please help me…

  34. just turn on zune switch ur phone of then press the camera button andthe power then wait for a vibration and remove ur hand from camera button then wait for the updateto compleate and ure done

  35. I tried this approach on HTC Surround and now the phone history is not opening.. As bad as it’s dead now.. Any help/suggestions?

  36. I mean previous call history.. I don’t get to know who called me when I am away or while I am on another call.

  37. hai nirmal

    i am having lumia 800 & os version is 7.10.8862.144

    i want to upgrade my os 7.8 please note past one week i tried to upgrade my os, but its shown no updates availeable

    please advise how too i upgrade my os to 7.8


  38. my phone lumia 900 somehow got its software completely removed. can i install this same to bring my phone to life again ??

  39. You don’t have the Windows Phone Support Tools installed. Press OK to download them.
    What should i do ?? I get this message again n again when i am gonna update .. But can’t

  40. Works just great and fast. It doesn’t erased anything or change any settings to the phone.

  41. while doing this my phone hanged at one stage and it didn’t proceeded ! iatlast i had to remove my phone after one and a half hour and now it is dead ! can anyone help me how to reinstall os on my phone ? its samsung focus sgh-i917 ! when i turn it on it just shows samsung and turns off ! help me if anyone can


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