How to get macOS like Dock on Windows 10

macOS features its legendary dock style taskbar, which houses all the open and pinned apps. If you wish to have similar style of the dock in Windows 10, then here is a list of software to get macOS like Dock on Windows 10

How to get macOS like Dock on Windows 10

How to get macOS like Dock on Windows 10

1] Aqua Dock

Once you install Aqua Dock, follow the on-screen instructions, and once it is installed, Dock will appear on the bottom of your display. Next to add any app, drag the app’s icon from your desktop and then put it in the Dock, to remove any application, drag it out from Dock. Next time when you open any app, the app icon will blink with an indicator below it, which is a small arrow, similar to that on OS X.

To further customize the dock, right-click on the Dock. You will see a dialog box popping with the contextual menu. Enable the “Magnification” by clicking on it, then select Always on Top to keep the Dock locked. You can also change the position of the Dock and also separators between the applications. To have more access to the settings, click on the “Customise” option.

The customization feature on the dock is vast. It has specific tabs as per Menu, Labels, Performance, Appearance, Position, and Behaviour. These tabs help you to change the size, notification, dock transparency, theme, working style of animations, icon size, and label of the app, the smoothness of transition, and the picture quality. The settings enable you to set the options as you desire. It will serve you everything similar to the macOS except the icons that they appear in Mac.

Download Aqua Dock

2] Rocket Dock

Developed by Poly Vector, it is an application launcher for Windows, which provides a similar dock as macOS. It comes with amazing features such as enhanced customization with added skins default skins in it and gives a cool bouncy effect while you roll your mouse all over the Dock. It has the full support of plug-ins on the flip side, and the installed icons in it can be customized.

Download Rocket Dock

3] XWindows DockHow to get macOS like Dock on Windows 10
This app is called the clone or brother of Mac OS X Dock due to an indistinguishable feature. The icons can be easily and fully customized, and the Dock supports multiple skins. One of the coolest features here is it has a 3D effect that gives a stunning look similar to Mac icons. It has many other gripping features and is worth giving a try.

Download XWindows Dock

4] Winstep Nexus

Winstep is known to be one of the best launchers for Windows that can be used as an alternative to MAC OS X Dock on your windows PC. It has many gripping, multiple features, but one of its enchanting features is it can display Live Icons. This app launcher comes with both paid and free versions, though the free version pretty much serves all the significant purposes.

Winstep Nexus

Download Winstep Nexus

So, here are all the ways, or you can say apps through which you can get macOS like the dock on your Windows 10 PC or laptops. Let us know if you are using any other app, and we will update our article.

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