How to Get Missed Call Alerts on Your Windows 10 PC

Connecting Windows 10 PC with Phone, and getting all sorts of notifications from your phone is one of the best ways to improve productivity. Microsoft has implemented with Your Phone App, and it allows it to macro manage app notifications. In this post, we will show you can get missed call alters on Windows 10 PC.

How to Get Missed Call Alerts on Your Windows 10 PC

You will have to setup Your Phone App with Windows 10 PC, and it should have the Bluetooth app for it to work. Follow the linked post to understand how you can make and receive calls using it.

Coming to the missed call alert topic:

  • Launch the Your Phone App
  • Click on the Settings icon > Notifications.
  • Toggle on Badges on Taskbar
  • Turn on Calls option, which allows the app to display calls on Windows.

missed call notification Windows 10

Done that, if you ever miss a call, it will be available as a notification on your Action Center. Since all notification are copied to Action Center, you can also see the missed call notification there.

Miss Call Alerts using Cortana on Windows 10 PC

This method doesn’t work anymore as Cortana is not deeply integrated, and Windows 10 Mobile has been retired.

Missed call post 8

With Windows 10 November update, Microsoft took another step towards Unification. Now, it’s time for Cortana! As you would be knowing, Cortana already used to sync Reminders across your Windows 10 Mobile and PC/Tablet. The new addition to Cortana gives it the ability to notify you on your Windows 10 PC if you have missed any call on your Windows 10 Mobile. How cool! Now you can manage your missed calls LIKE A BOSS!

Note: This feature will be enabled by default, but you would have to make sure that it’s enabled on both the devices to get the notifications.

Steps to Set-Up Missed Call Alerts on Windows 10 PC:

Missed call post 1

  • Scroll down until you find Miss call notifications and make sure that feature is enabled. If not, turn it on manually.

Missed call post 2
Steps to Set-Up Missed Call Alerts on Phone:

  • Tap the search button to launch Cortana
  • Click on the Hamburger Menu, tap on Notebook and then Settings
  • Scroll down until you find Miss call notifications and then enable it.

To test if it’s working, just ask someone to give you a call, don’t receive it, let the phone ring, and miss the call. Now see your Missed Call notification pop up in your PC. Something like this:

Missed call post 7

You can also reply to the person you got Missed call from. Just click on Text Reply and type in the message you want to send, and click on Send. Cortana will send the message to the following.

Note: The message will be sent via your Phone itself, and not PC, but by not even touching your Phone. Now, this is what Unification is.

What do you think of this feature, and what else are you expecting from Microsoft in this regard. Sound off below.



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