How to Get Rid of Your Yahoo Account Completely

Technology is rapidly changing every day with the blink of an eye. Therefore you either need to catch up, or you got to keep up to stay updated with the latest happening in the world. Those days are gone where people only knew and talked about only one thing, whenever it came to any mailing, and that is one and only Yahoo. But a couple of years back, other services took over Yahoo with their email services. So if you still have any Yahoo account that you no longer access, there are ways to delete or remove your Yahoo account altogether.
Not only this, people are backing away from Yahoo because of recent news. Billions of Yahoo accounts and their personal information were hacked. It is not for the first time, even in September, 500 million accounts were hacked.

Close Your Yahoo Account

How to delete or remove Yahoo Account completely

Follow these steps to close the Yahoo account.

  1. Sign in to Yahoo Page
  2. Follow the termination link
  3. Reconfirm your account
  4. Enter the visual code, and delete everything

So, if you don’t want that your personal information gets compromised, why not get rid of the Yahoo account entirely. If you’re going to do so, look at the steps below.

Ways to get rid of a Yahoo Email Account

Following these simple few steps will help you get rid of your Yahoo account completely, but before that, you need to keep one thing in mind, after deleting you will no longer have access to any of the services of Yahoo. If you are sure about that, then only proceed with the given steps below.

1] First, you need to log in to your existing Yahoo mail account where you need to sign in with all the credentials and verification code. If anyhow, you forgot your password, then get a new one by resetting it.

2] After signing in to the Yahoo account page you will need to go to the “account termination link” which you can get from the help menu or by clicking on this given termination link 

  • Now go to delete the account/register segment and then click on “closing your Yahoo account”</strong
  • Then click the “account termination” link, which you will find in the middle of the site page.

Then after Yahoo ID verification, you will receive a confirmation message. It will reconfirm the deletion process. To confirm the action, you need to enter your password once again.

3] You need to log in to your account once again to make sure it is logged off from all other devices if you have ever accessed your Yahoo mail from other devices that may stay open, to prevent any deletion of the account without your consent.

4] After performing all these tasks, scroll downwards where you will find a highlighted box on the screen showing “enter visual/enter a visual code.” You need to enter the alphabets/digits that you see, by chance, if you don’t get it, you can ask for a new code.

5]Then, you will find a “termination notification” of the account popping on the screen where two options will be given; “terminate this account” and “return to account information.”  Click on the first option, and your account will be deleted completely.

delete or remove Yahoo Account

Once you click on Terminate this account, your account will not be deleted at that time. It will get into a suspend status for around 90 days. This is to prevent any fraudulent activity. However, you will not be able to use the account for this time.
delete or remove Yahoo Account
The above steps will help you to delete or remove Yahoo Account. But note one thing after doing so, you will no longer have access to any of the Yahoo services.

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