How to Get Two Finger Backward & Forward on Surface Pro 4 Touchpad

I have been a MacBook user for over a year, and getting on Surface Pro 4 makes me miss few things here, and there. One of the major things that I miss is “Two Finger gesture” which allows me to let me go backward and forward using Touchpad on Surface Pro 4.

While Surface Pro 4 comes with precision touchpad which supports lot of gestures, but this is one thing that is still missing. Gladly, just like how we customized the Surface Pen clicks, you can always customize the Touchpad gestures even for new features. So follow this:

Surface Pro 4 Touchpad

That said, here is list of default gestures & tap that comes with Touchpad on Surface Pro 4:

  • Tap on lower right corner for right click.
  • Double tap, and drag.
  • Two finger drag to scroll
  • two finger pinch to zoom
  • Three Finger Tap
  • Four Finger Tap
  • Three Finger Drag and Slide

What else you are missing, if you jumped to Surface Pro 4 / Surface Book from MacBook.

Via Reddit

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  1. Could anyone please share the script again? I own a SP4 and would like to have the browser go back and forward functions by swiping with three fingers left and right… Thank you

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