How to group Taskbar shortcuts in Windows 10

The taskbar is one of the most frequently accessed features in Windows 10; it makes launching apps much quicker and easier. However, in the process of making the apps launch quicker, users often tend to clutter up the taskbar by pinning too many icons. In case you do not want to remove the icons from the Taskbar but have them all there, you could group them into a set of icons. This post will guide you on How to use TaskbarGroups to group taskbar shortcuts in Windows 10.

How to group Taskbar shortcuts in Windows 10

For instance, if you’re an adobe creative cloud user with access to all the applications such as Photoshop, or Premiere Pro, or After Effects, you could easily group them into a single icon on the taskbar. Thereby reducing the clutter while not removing quick access.

Developed by Jack Schierbeck and originally posted on GitHub, TaskbarGroups is a free new simple customization application for Windows. This app lets users bring together several shortcuts to the taskbar or the desktop. The application has received updates adding support for vertical taskbars, multiple monitors, hidden taskbar, and more.

How to group Taskbar shortcuts in Windows 10

Before you use TaskbarGroups on your Windows 10 machine, one needs to download the application and set it up. Start by heading over to the download page of TaskbarGroups, find the latest version, and choose Download ZIP file. Next, go ahead and extract the ZIP file. From the extracted contents, double click on the Taskbar Groups.exe file to open it up.

How to group Taskbar shortcuts in Windows 10

  • Pull up the TaskbarGroups application, and you’ll find an interactive User Interface. Start by clicking on the ‘+’ button named Add taskbar groups.
  • Next up, the application will bring up a new window, where you need to provide details of the taskbar shortcut group, including the group’s title, the maximum width, and the number of shortcuts.
  • To demonstrate, one could give the title Edit and Sign to a group and add all the applications used to edit images, PDFs, and more. Thankfully, although being free to use, TaskbarGroups does not limit the number of shortcuts one could keep.

Taskbar Groups Windows 10

  • Once you have completed the above steps, click on the + button in the second window, navigate and select the shortcut you would like to place in the taskbar group. Finally, click on the ‘Save’ button to proceed.
  • This will create a shortcut under the same root folder as the .exe file. Navigate to the location, select and right-click the newly created shortcut and choose Pin to Taskbar.

With this, the icon would be placed on your taskbar, and upon clicking the icon, you’ll find the group of shortcuts present. Interestingly, one could also copy and paste the same shortcut on the Desktop to declutter the occupied space.

Follow the above-mentioned process for as many groups as you want; once done, you’ll find your Desktop refreshing and decluttered.

That said, how many icons do you prefer keeping on your desktop or taskbar? Do let us know by dropping a comment down below.

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