How to Hard and Soft Reset Windows 10 Mobile

Sometimes after a long usage, smartphones tend to get slow or sometimes doesnt respond to touch or turn on. There is no exact reason for this, but call it a bug which tends to pile up everyday until it gets you phone slow. In case your Windows 10 Mobile is suffering similar problem including random booting or  it gets unresponsive, there are two things you can do, Hard and Soft Reset,  before taking it to a service centre.

Soft Reset:

Like Windows Phone, Soft Reset in Windows 10 Mobile can be done by keeping volume down button and home button pressed together for almost 10 second.  After few seconds, you should feel the phone vibrating and see the boot screen once again. This is useful if your phone is not booting with a long press on power button or when the screen is not responding as expected. Once the phone restarts, you can release the button and you are good to go.

Soft Reset Windows 10 Mobile

It can resolve issues like message not received, calls failed , touch screen issues, network issues, lags and sometimes even when file sending fails over bluetooth.

Note : A soft reset will only clear memory, terminate all apps and reload the OS. It won’t erase or access any user data.

Factory / Hard Reset using Buttons

Before I talk about it, there is a fine line between Hard Reset and Factory Reset. In most of the cases, hard reset and factory reset are same. So if your phone is all dead, you can use button combination to factory reset the phone.

Note: Things seems to be little different for Lumia Windows 10 Mobile. It just reboots the phone, and feels like a soft reboot. However, if you have a phone from other OEM, it would be best to check on their help page, or ping us in the comments below.

To perform hard reset, you need to press volume button down + power + camera buttons together until the phone vibrates, and then  release the power button only and hold the other buttons down for another five seconds or so, then release all the buttons. This is handy when your phone is completely unresponsive and you have already tried the soft reset once.

Hard Reset Windows 10 Mobile


Factory / Hard Reset using About

This is to be used only when either you are switching your phone and no longer need data on this phone or when you are selling or exchanging your phone. This process completely wipes out all the data and updates installed on the phone (except for the firmware update). So if you choose this, there is no coming back.

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  • Make sure to backup your Windows 10 Mobile. I have talked in much detail about it here.
  • Make sure to have at least 40% charge on your phone.
  • Now go to Settings > System > About > Scroll to the end to find the button which says “Reset your Phone”
  • Once done, the phone will confirm you once again, and if you agree it will reboot and you should see spinning gears. Wait for the process to complete and it will take it back to factory settings.
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  1. Ashish, I have a Microsoft Lumia 950, when purchased it the default app Transfer my Data didn’t work correctly. When you tap on the …, the only option you have is Feedback and About. I was told by Microsoft’s 3rd party tech support company for Windows Mobile to uninstall and reinstall the Transfer my Data app. Well I uninstalled the Transfer my Data no problems. When I went to the Microsoft Store to reinstall it, It states that “This app is not compatible with this Device”. It states right underneath it that I own this product. Next they had me do a factory reset and the Transfer my Data app was not on the phone, still could not install it with the same message. Did all the Windows update to get it up to the current build and still the app was not in the phone and would not let me install it. Then they had me use the Windows Device recovery tool installed on a Windows 10 PC connecting the phone to it. It downloads an OS build to the “server” for the program and installs it. Again, the Transfer my Data app is not installed and can not install it. Microsoft is no help because they don’t support the Windows Mobile with tech support you have to use their 3rd party company for tech support. They are of course located in some foreign country and have not been able to solve this problem. There recommendations are always run Windows Update! One of my questions is, does the Factory/Hard reset wipe the phone totally clean and where does it get the factory OS build from? Why wouldn’t the default app Transfer my Data be included in the factory OS build when it resets the phone? You can’t find anything new on the web about Windows 10 mobile and MS seems to have abandon Windows 10 phone users. No wonder their market share in cell phones are so low. Any help would be appreciated!!!

  2. holding power button by 10sec makes the phone reboot too. its the same thing using “volume down+power”?

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