How to hide the News section from Microsoft Edge New Tab

One of the best features when using Microsoft Edge is the Image of the day. I also use it on my lock screen, and the whole experience is mesmerizing. However, Microsoft Edge also offers more Content, including quick links and Content. While quick links are useful, the content section, which is mostly from Microsoft News, it is distracting and takes a lot of space. In this post, we will show how to hide the News section from Microsoft Edge New Tab.

Hide News Edge New Tab

How to hide the News section from Microsoft Edge New Tab

So if you do not track using this feature, I would highly recommend you to turn this off. You can also partially hide this feature, so it is less distracting. For example, I keep it in scroll mode so I can bring it up anytime by scrolling.

  • Launch Microsoft Edge, and open a new tab
  • Click on the gear icon available on the top right
  • Under Page Layout, click on Custom
  • Here you will have three options
    • Show Quick Links
    • Image of the day
    • Content

Hide News Edge New Tab

  • Under Content, you have four options in the dropdown
    • Content Visible —Default, Full View.
    • Headings only: Shows you the top menu bar of the Content
    • Content visible on scroll: Scroll to bring up0 news
    • Content off: Image of the day and Links remain if they are toggled on.

If you want to hide the news section, I would suggest choosing the Content visible on the scroll option. It will replace everything with a black label—Personalised news and more. If you wish to turn it off completely, choose the Content off option.

If you change it to none, all you would see is a Bing Search box and will be as good as a blank tab. Google follows the same technique. I hope the post was easy to understand, and you were able to hide the News section from Microsoft Edge New Tab.

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