GDR3 Arrives on Windows Phone in Xbox Beta Delivery Style

Microsoft has rolled out Windows Phone GDR3 update for developers or on the phones which are unlocked using the dev account. This is the first time I am trying out the beta for Windows Phone and this is exactly how the Xbox beta is distributed, using an APP.

Windows Phone GDR3

Using the Preview for Developers Program or the app, you will be able to register via the app using your Microsoft Account which is used in Dev Center and on the phone. Now in case you are not dev, and you still want to try it out, you can use the Windows Phone App Studio developer. to get this job done.

Below is a quick video which I shot ( sorry for all the noises)

Watch on YouTube

Check out Video Walk through of all the GDR3 Features

Steps to Install GDR3

  • Register using the same account which you have on your phone on Windows Phone App Studio
  • Next step, you will receive an email containing a certificate. Install it

Create app in App Studio for Windows Phone

  • Once the above step is complete, download the app from here
  • Once the app is downloaded, launch it and follow the on screen instruction.

PReview Beta for Windows Phone

  • You will have to accept terms and conditions and also signup with your Microsoft account.
  • Once done, your information and phone is registered with Microsoft.
  • Go ahead to Phone Settings > Phone Update and start downloading the update.

Overall its a 30 to 40 minutes process for the installation to complete. You will notice that there is a progress bar to the Upgrading Gears this time which reminds me the time when we used to update using Zune. Followed by this there is a long migration process for the apps.

The app was not found in the store. :-(