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How to Install & Customize Themes in Windows 10

Windows 10 lets you manage Themes in the way it was in Windows 7 & Windows 8, but better with refreshed UI. In this post, we take a deep dive into how you can manage and customize Themes in Windows 10. the themes, change the background, wallpaper, audio, and also download the themes from the store.


How to Install the Windows 10 Theme?

It is best to grab the themes officially from the Windows Store.  Open Microsoft Store and locate e themes section. Click on it to reach the dedicated section of Themes in the store.

Next, you can click any theme you like and click on the Get button. The listing reveals more information about the theme, wallpapers available, and so on.

When you click on the get button, it will install the theme on Windows 10 PC. You can then go to the themes section, and personalize it further.

Where are the Themes installed or available in Windows 10?

Go to Settings > Personalization >  Themes. This is the one-stop section for everything on themes.

Here you get to see a preview of how your theme looks like, which includes a preview for Colour of Start Menu, and background. You can also configure mouse cursor, sounds, and color.

In the same section, you have a few themes already available, which you might have already downloaded earlier. The section includes themes that are synced across the computer and the default Windows Themes.

How to Customize Themes in Windows 10

Any existing theme can be customized by changing the Background, Colour, Sounds, and Mouse Cursor. The options are available right next to the preview.

Background Wallpaper.

  • You can choose to have a static wallpaper or select a slide show. For slideshow, you can have a chosen folder. You can also disable this when on battery power.
  • You can change picture every 1 minute or delay it as long as one day.
  • Option to use Shuffle,  Choose how the walloper fits on the desktop.

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  • You can either choose from the available palette of 48 colors or from recent ones.
  • If you love your background wallpaper, the theme can pick up the color from that automatically.
  • Keep Start, taskbar, and action center transparent.
  • You can even choose app mode between light and dark.
  • High Contrast settings are also available. Read more about it here.

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How to Save a Windows 10 Theme?

Once the theme is customized, it’s a good idea to save the theme so you can reuse it. The option to save the existing theme is available right under preview. Once you put an appropriate name, it will appear under the “Apply a Theme” section for future use.

How to Delete a Windows 10 Theme?

Long press on any of the themes you have, and you will get an option to delete it. Hit delete, and it will be removed along with all the files and images.

That said,  this option does not show up for some of the themes which come bundled with Windows 10.

Enjoy Windows 10 Themes

If you further want to customize your Windows 10 Looks, check out our detailed guide on how to personalize Windows 10.

That’s about it. We will soon get you a list of some of the best Windows 10 Themes around, and you can use this guide to manage the theme altogether.

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