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Microsoft Garage team is well known for developing some innovative and groundbreaking apps. Recently, we have been hearing a lot of rumors about Microsoft launching a new cross-platform tool for keeping track of your links, images etc. Cache is a great place to quickly bookmark the stuff important to you. You can capture text snippets, images, web pages, files, reference material, and your notes, and access it on any device (currently Windows and iPhones).

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  • To download the app go the link here or you can try out the Sign Up to download on the official website here
  • After the download has finished, double-click the .exe file and click on Install.
  • As soon as you open the app, you would be asked to login using your email address.
  • If you’re authorized, then Voila! You can start using the app. If not, then do the following listed below:
    • Download the .dll file from here.
    • Extract it.
    • Make sure the app isn’t running in the background. Close it, if it is.
    • Now, open the Cache application folder and replace the existing Microsoft.Cache.Common.dll with this new, patched version.
    • Start the app. Now, you will be able to use the app, even if you’re not authorized to do so.

Design and Functionality:

Cache app.png

Talking about the app, its noteworthy that Microsoft Garage team went for a Win32 app and not a UWP app. Yes, its a Win32 app! However, the app features Modern Design Language, which gives it Windows 10 feel, making it hard to tell its a desktop app, just by looking at it.

Cache groups.png

When you open the app, you will be asked to Create Groups. Groups are nothing but beautiful looking folders. These Groups can hold everything you need, from your, images, documents, links, and so on. Groups let you organize your contents by projects, clients, tasks, or ideas, so you can easily see everything related together. The best part? They also have Sticky Notes!

Be more Productive:

cache prod.png

Quickly access the stuff you need to get work done without having to jump into multiple apps to find what you need. With Cache, you can be productive and pick up where you left off the minute you sit down to work. Content you collect in Cache is instantly available on your other devices, like Windows, iPhones, this what makes the app stand out.


cache availability.png

Its worth noting that the app is available to download, but if rumors are to believed, it could come with the Windows 10 Redstone 2 Update. However, as the app is ready and good to go, lets hope it comes out soon.

Anyway, for now, not everyone can try out the app. You’re required to sign up, but that too doesn’t guarantee that you will be able to use it. We do recommend going through the Sign Up procedure, but even after that you can’t get through, then try out the method listed above.

After its officially launched, it will be available for your Windows devices, iPhones and probably Android too.

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