How to Install or Upgrade to Windows 11 on MacBook (Bypass TPM)

Windows 11 has one of the most stringent (and easy to bypass) hardware requirements—TPM 2.0—which is not even supported on MacBook Air or Pro or any Apple hardware. Follow this guide if you are already running Windows 10 and want to upgrade to Windows 11 or install a fresh copy of Windows 11 on MacBook.


  • Do not worry about TPM, as this method will bypass it.
  • This method is only for MacBook running on Intel Hardware and not the M1 Chips.
  • The Upgrade method works on any Windows PC or Laptop

Upgrade to Windows 11 MacBook

How to Install or Upgrade to Windows 11 on MacBook (Bypass TPM)

I used the same approach to install Windows 11 on one of the older PCs and then experimented on MacBook Pro, which worked fine. Post-installation, I do not see any issues while using it.

GitHub TPM Bypass + Media Installation Script:

It’s a custom script that will download Windows 11 from Microsoft Server and offer you three options—Create an ISO, Bootable USB Drive, and Auto Upgrade. If you are already running Windows 11 on MacBook, then choose Auto. If you plan to install, create an ISO, which you can use with Apple BootCamp.

How to Upgrade to Windows 11 on MacBook Pro

  1. Copy the MediaCreationTool.bat content from the page. Open Notepad, paste the content, and save it with the same name. Put a double quote before and after the title so it doesn’t save as a text file.
  2. Please right-click on the BAT file, and run it with administrator privileges.  It will open a PowerShell-like blue window that will display the current configuration. Along with this, you will have the option to upgrade/create ISO of older versions of Windows along with Windows 11. How to Install or Upgrade to Windows 11 on MacBook (Bypass TPM)
  3. Click on Windows 11, and then you will have three options—Auto, ISO, and Bootable USB. If you are upgrading, select Auto.
  4. It will then launch the Windows Setup screen. It will first be a Windows 10 Setup screen which will then change to Windows 11 Setup screen. So please do not panic, and let it complete downloading the updates.
    Windows 10 11 Download Progress
  5. It skips the TPM check and bypasses some options, but stay assured that it can do the Upgrade without the USB drive. The upgrade process did not take much time and works like a charm on MacBook Pro, which doesn’t have TPM.
  6. Finally, it would help if you got the Installing Windows 11 screen, which will take ample time. My progress was stuck at 60%, but then it moved.Windows 11 on Macbook
  7. Once done, it will restart your PC, the screen will flicker a couple of times, restart at least once, and everything should be complete within a few minutes. It will display Working on Update information and install Windows 11 on top of it.
  8. Done that; you should now be using Windows 11 on your MacBook Pro.

How to Install Windows 11 on MacBook Pro

  1. Those who install Windows 11 as a fresh install need to create ISO when asked in Step 3. You will also need to select the version of Windows, which is already available on the blue screen.
  2. Once you have the ISO, copy it to a USB drive and copy it to MacBook pro internal drive for faster processing.
  3. Next, make sure your MacBook Air/Pro has at least 128GB of storage space free to install Windows 11. While it will not take all the storage space, you must keep extra space if you need it later.
  4. On MacBook, open Finder using Spacebar + CMD and type Bootcamp. Click to launch when it appears in the list.
  5. Bootcamp will prompt you to select Windows 10 ISO and point it to Windows 11 ISO. 
  6. Post this; everything is automated. Bootcamp will download the required files and drives and then install Windows 11 on it.

If you installed it fresh, make sure to sign in with your primary Microsoft account to reactive the old license or transfer the old license to MacBook Pro. 

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  1. I used the script and I never got that TPM screen. Then it started downloading Windows 10 and then changed to Windows 11.


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