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How to Install the Windows 10 Themes from Microsoft Store which fail to install

Window 10 Themes can be easily installed from Microsoft Store, but sometimes these themes fail to install even when you can download them from the store. This post will offer a workaround that will help you install the theme.

How to Install the Windows 10 Themes from Microsoft Store which fail to install

  • Go to Microsoft Store, and locate theme.
  • Click on the Get button to download them.
  • This will be replaced with the Launch button, but it doesn’t work right now.

Workaround to Install Theme, which fails to install.

  • Go to Program Files
  • Enable Hidden Folders by using the View Menu


  • This will make the “WindowsApps” folder appear.
  • When you try to access it, it will talk about permission and open the security tab.

  • Next, click on the Advanced button, and change the ownership by adding yourself as a user using the search option.

  • Once done, take ownership of all the files, including the subcontainers and objects.
  • Once done, you will be able to access the “WindowsApps” folder.
  • Next, go to WindowsApps and Search the name of the theme you just installed.

  • Open the folder which shows up and Go into Themes Folder.
  • Click on the Theme file. There should be only a file inside it.
  • Once you do that, the theme will be applied to the Windows 10 PC

You can also choose to create a new theme for yourself by using wallpaper, sound, mouse icons, and more.

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