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How to Setup and Reset Xbox One Passkey to Protect your account

An Xbox Profile on a console is as open as any book unless you lock it down with a passkey or passcode, which is created using the controls on your controller.  i.e., Using X, Y, Triggers, bumpers, and the D-Pad. Xbox One also offers a Lockdown feature which will need you to sign-in for almost everything. So if you want to password protect your Gamertag on Xbox One, you need to set up the Passkey. In this post, we will show how you can setup and reset Xbox One Passkey to protect your account

Setup Reset Xbox One Passkey

How to Setup and Reset Xbox One Passkey to Protect your account

  1. Turn on Xbox One, and use the D-pad to navigate to the Settings
  2. Open it, and go to Account > Sign-in, security, and passkey > change my sign-in and security preferences
  3. Here you have multiple options
    • Use Kinect
    • No barriers
    • Check that it’s me where you are asked to enter the passkey
    • Ask for my passkey
    • Lock it Down where you need to enter the password for almost anything.
    • Customize
  4. Select Ask for my Passkey. When you do that, any previous sign-in methods will be disabled.
  5. Once you confirm, you need to create a six-digit passkey using the buttons on the controller. You will be clearly shown which number means what, and that makes it better compared to Xbox 360 passcode.
  6. Next time you turn on the Xbox One, you will need to enter the six-digit passkey.

What matters here is that you should remember the number and not the sequence in which you had pressed the controller buttons. That makes it easy to remember, and during the sign-in using a passkey, you will be shown how to input each number.

If you want to remove passkey protection, navigate back to the same place, and look for an option that says delete my Passkey. Once enabled, you will be asked for it every time there is security access or transaction mode.

How to Reset Xbox One Passkey if you forget it?

Worry not; you do not need to reset your console. Instead, make three invalid attempts, and you will be asked to enter your Microsoft account password. Once you verify yourself, it will instantly prompt you to create a new passkey. Make sure to remember it, and disable it by going to Accounts Sign-in settings page.

How to Pass Code Protect your Xbox Gamertag on Xbox 360

On Xbox 360, it was called Xbox Live Pass Code.

  • Sign in to your profile on your Xbox 360
  • Go to My Xbox > Profile > Account Management > Manage Account
  • Switch to  Your Information  and select Xbox Live Pass Code
  • Then you need to set the passcode using the controller.
  • Now, if this is the first time you are doing this, It will ask you twice, If you already did this before it will ask you once and then you can change it.
  • To clear press A on your controller and confirm.

This Pass Code is asked when you choose to sign in to your profile since most of the Xbox Live Accounts are connected to a Credit Card, which is used to buy Microsoft Points and download games.

Drawback: Unsecured Offline Xbox Profiles

The disadvantage of this is that it can be used only to secure an Xbox Profile, which is connected to a live account and not for offline profiles.  So if you want to ensure your offline account, you do not have a choice but compare it to an online account, which is very easy. Learn How you can do that.

You can also think of moving offline profiles to a USB or any Xbox Storage device and plug and play when you want. This way, nobody can delete your profile from any Xbox Console.

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