How to Move and Download Offline Maps to SD Card in Windows 10 Mobile

Most of the low-end and mid-ranged Windows Phone 8.1 / Windows 10 Mobile devices come with only 8 GB internal storage of which consumers get around 4 GB free storage space. This leaves consumers no other option but to invest in a micro SD card.

Coming back to the topic, if you are heavy user of the Offline Maps on Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft has finally rolled out SD card support  for Offline Map data. You can either save and download directly to microSD card or can move the complete map data to microSD card by simply changing an option.  Below is the video followed by details.

  • Go to settings > offline maps and look for Storage Location option. You can choose to save maps directly on SD card instead of phone storage from the dropdown.
  • If you already have offline maps on primary storage, and you change Storage Location to SD card later, the OS checks the space, and moves all the data to SD card. However it will warn that offline maps might run little slower on it.

Move offline Maps to SD Card Options

All the maps are moved together and kept in one place so you cannot have one map on one storage, and one on another. If you ever wish to go back, just change the option to Phone storage or This Device and it will automatically move it the same way.

We also recommend you to check out our detailed tutorial on Offline Maps on Windows 10 Mobile where we have talked on how to use it and manage it along with some videos.

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