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How to Pickup Color from Anywhere in Windows

There are situations when one would like to pick the exact color from an image or a part of Windows. If you’re looking for a way to do the same, this post will guide you on Pickup Color from anywhere in Windows using PowerToys.

Why do you need a color picker that works anywhere in Windows 11/10

For developers, artists, photographers, cinematographers, marketers, and many other professionals, knowing the well-defined identification information for a particular color is important. However, green is green for general consumers, but there are thousands of green shades of green for the creators and developers. That’s exactly what the Color Picker tool helps us do; it helps users identify the exact shade.

How to Pickup Color from Anywhere in Windows

ColorPicker is a simple and quick system-wide color picker. Color Picker allows you to pick colors from any currently running application and automatically [sic] copies the HEX or RGB values to your clipboard. This code is based on Martin Chrzan’s Color Picker.

Pickup Color from Anywhere in Windows

Before beginning with the process to pick a color using Microsoft PowerToys, make sure you’re on the latest version of PowerToys, or at least v0.20.0 or above; you can download it from Github.

  • Launch PowerToys on your Windows machine by searching for the same in the Start Search Box
  • From the left Navigation Pane of the application, choose Color Picker.
  • Now, toggle the option ON stating Enable Color Picker. The shortcut to activate Color Picker is Win + Shift + C by default.
  • To change the shortcut, under the Shortcut Menu, under Activate Color Picker, click on the text box and choose the new shortcut by pressing the keys on your keyboard.

  • Next, Color Picker has three activation modes: Color Picker with Editor Mode Enabled, Editor Mode, and Color Picker only.
    • Upon clicking and selecting a color, the first option will open a new dialog box with expanded information.
    • The second one will open the Editor Mode only, allowing the user to choose the color manually rather than using a picker tool.
    • However, upon choosing a color, the third option will copy the color code to your clipboard.

  • To change the default color code type copied to the clipboard, head over to the Color Formats menu, and under Color Format for Clipboard, choose your desired result.
  • With all this set, you can now activate the Color Picker tool on your machine by pressing the shortcut on the keyboard.
  • It will pop-open a small cursor on your screen; move the cursor to the spot you would like to choose the color of, and make a single click.
  • With this, based on your Activation behavior, it will copy the color code to the clipboard, and a dialog may or may not open for further information.

That said, do you find this tool helpful? or do you prefer other tools available for the same task? Do let us know by dropping a comment down below.

There are many features in PowerToys, such as split-screen, rename files, and more.

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