How to Pin a Location in Windows 10 Mobile

It’s common to forget the way back to your car in parking location or any place which you want to come back once you are done with your work.  It not only wastes a lot of time, but also energy. So, how do you make it easy? When using Windows 10 Mobile, the in-built map application lets you pin any current location to your start screen. So next time when you want to come back to the same place, all you need to open and follow the direction.

Pin Location on Windows 10 Mobile Maps

Here is how to do it:

  • First make sure you are where you want to come back. Car Parking, Pickup point or any location you have some work to be done. Specially when the place is new for you.
  • Launch the Maps App on your Windows 10 Mobile and hit the location icon (it will automatically do it, but just in case).
  • Once you are sure this is the place on your map, long press on the current location icon (blue circle).
  • A menu will show up from the bottom with option to add to favorite, print, share and PIN to Start.
  • Select pin to start and a tile will be created.
  • Whenever you want to come to the same location, tap the same tile.
  • It will find your current location and, then choose direction to navigate your way towards it.

This is a very handy feature in Windows 10 Mobile Apps. To make the most use of it, make sure to have offline maps downloaded so it consumes no internet data. Also if your primary storage has less space, install it on your SD Card.

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