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How to Pin Settings & Folders to Windows 10 Start Menu

Windows  Start menu is still one of the most used features in Windows 10. Power users want everything on Taskbar or desktop, and even use the Run Prompt to launch applications. However, if you are one of those who have everything sorted in the Start, here is how to Pin Settings & Folders to Windows 10 Start Menu.

How to Pin Settings & Folders to Windows 10 Start Menu

How to Pin Settings & Folders to Windows 10 Start Menu

Starting with Windows 10, you can pin almost anything on Start Menu. Just right-click on it and see if there is an option which says “Pin to Start.” It is as simple as that.  In this post, I am focusing on two things which you might use most of the time–Settings and Folders.

While the folder part is straight forward, the settings section is a little different.

  • Hit Start Button and Type Settings.
  • Select the top result, which should say “Settings — trusted Windows Store App.”
  • Now right click any menu or item there, and you have the option to Pin to Start.
  • You can even go deeper, and any label on the left-hand side can be pinned.

However, anything on the right panel cannot be pinned. Also, there is no way to pin settings to Taskbar. I did try to drag and drop from Start, but it didn’t work.

How to pin a Folder to Start Menu

Now here is my next tip. If you want to pin anything on the Start menu, right-click and select Pin to Taskbar. This option works for most of the things except for files and folders.  When you drag and drop any folder to Taskbar, it will add to the right click menu of the File Explorer. Anytime you want to remove them, right-click and select Unpin from Start menu or the taskbar.

Microsoft must have done this on purpose else it will clutter the taskbar. However, I would have loved it as an option to choose to place it on Taskbar or File Explorer.

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