How to Play Microsoft Store Games Offline on Windows 10

You know those times when you are on the go, and the internet connectivity is poor or missing? And you are bored because the games on the laptop need an internet connection? Gone are those bad days! You can now play games on your Windows 10 even when offline, or there is no internet. In this post, we will show how you can configure and play Microsoft Store games offline on Windows 10.

Note: It is rather apparent we are talking about games that do not need a constant internet connection. These types of games need internet for achievements, unlocking parts of the game, and so on.

The following limitations are seen while attempting games in an offline mode.

Following the footsteps of Xbox Play Anywhere, Microsoft framework allows you to play your favorite game on the go. However, with the advantage of playing games offline, certain disadvantages must be faced.

  • The game will save all your achievements when you are playing in an offline manner. However, all the confirmations for unlocking will be withheld because it requires online verification to be achieved.
  • With no internet, you get no cloud server services. It poses a problem for the progress of your game to be saved. The latest saved data has to be downloaded before you start playing the offline game so that you don’t lose your offline progress.
  • It is quite apparent that none of the exclusively online features will be available in the offline board. You will have no access to leaderboards, online multiplayer, or other storefronts that are available in online mode.

How to Play Microsoft Store Games Offline on Windows 10

Okay! Enough of what can or can’t be done in the offline player version. Now let’s get down to the part where we discuss how to play these games in an offline mode.

Although you are playing your game offline, the preparation has to be made while you are still in an online mode. These changes are an absolute requirement for offline gaming and can only be done in the online mode. Following are the changes to be made:

Play Microsoft Store Games Offline

  • You first have to make sure that your Windows 10 is entirely up to date. For that, you have to go to Start option of your PC, go to the Settings option present
  • Select the Security & Update option of your Windows 10 computer
  • Check the Windows Update option. If you are up to date, then you are good to go, or else you need to update your system to the latest version available.
  • Next, you have to search for the Microsoft Store icon and launch it on your system.
  • You will get to see a ‘Me’ icon on the right side of the top of the Windows Store, which will have your profile picture.
  • Go to the Settings of the Windows Store and make sure that Offline Permission is enabled so that you can play your games smoothly even when offline.

These changes will make your device ready for offline mode. The offline playing devices can be changed only thrice every year, so set your mind before making the changes.

Once you have set your Windows 10 PC as your offline device, you now need to select the games you want to play when you are on the go. You will have to play these games once in the online mode to access them in the offline version. When it is played for the first time, the initial setup, including connection to Xbox Live, happens in the background.

So, ready with your offline gaming device? Get set and start gaming!

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