How to Power On & Off the Xbox One with Windows Phone

Xbox One Preview build got an update which now allows you to get system updates while the console is in sleep mode. This is useful, if you don’t want to wait for an update. However, you still need to use your controller or push the button on the console to turn it on or off. Now, how about a solution which works right from your Windows Phone / Windows 10 Mobile and lets you control it right away. This is specially useful when you don’t have Xbox One Kinect or voice command is not supported in your country.

Update and App You Need: This works only with Xbox One Smartglass App and Xbox One May Update. Get this done.

Initial Setup: Now even if you have both, it won’t work right away. Thing is with this new update, your console will be listed as offline when you see try to access it from icon which has the Xbox One with WiFi on it. However this only happens when you connect after the update. So you need to do things. Connect your console first with the app, and make sure your console is on Instant-on mode. Now, let’s do the magic:

Power Off the Xbox One:

  1. You are already connected. The Xbox Console should be in green colour.
  2. Tap the Xbox icon, and it will give you option to turn off.

Xbox One Smartglass Turn On

Power On the Xbox One :

  1. Tap the Xbox One Icon with WiFi on the top to show you list of console.
  2. Give this 2-3 second to show you the list of console which are offline.
  3. You will get an option to Turn On.

Xbox One Smartglass Turn Off