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Remote Turn On and off the Xbox One From Phone and Windows 11/10

Xbox One offers a feature that lets anyone turn on and off Xbox One using the Xbox Console Companion. The app is available on Windows 10 Mobile, Windows 11, Windows 10, Android, and iOS. That means you can use almost any phone to control your Xbox One console. So if your controller is far away, and you need to stream from console to PC, you can use the app to turn on or off the Xbox One from your Phone and Windows 11/10 PC.

Remote Turn On and off the Xbox One From Phone and Windows 11/10

You can use any of these methods to manage the console after you have download the application on the phone or computer.

  1. Download Xbox App / Xbox Companion App
  2. Turn on or off using Android or iOS phone.
  3. Windows 11/10 PC to remotely turn on or off the console
  4. Windows Phone or Windows 10 Mobile.

Make sure to use the same Microsoft account everywhere.

1] Download Xbox Companion App

Download the Xbox Companion App for Windows 10 PC and Phone from here. If you are using Android, download it from Google Play Store and for iOS, follow this link.

2] Remote turn on and off the Xbox One from Android or iOS Phone

Connect Xbox One with Companion App

If it’s the first time you are launching the app, you can do one of the two things. The first is to sign in using the same account on Microsoft. The second is to click on the Setup a console button. If you choose the second option, a code will be displayed on the Xbox One. Add it here to make it available on the app.

Let’s take a look at the first method.

  • Make sure both your phone and console are on the same wifi network.
  • Sign-in, and click on the hamburger menu to reveal the list
  • Click on the Console icon > Connect to your Xbox One.
  • It will auto-discover the console. Then click on Connect to your Xbox One
  • Once it connects, it will list the Xbox One, and when you tap on it, you have the option to Turn it on.
  • If it is already connected, then you will see the option to turn it off.

3] Remote turn on and off the Xbox One from Windows 10

  • Launch the Xbox Companion App on Windows 10
  • Click on the Console icon
  • Here you can add a console using the same method above. The App will discover it automatically.
  • Click on it to get the options to turn on or off.

How to Power On & Off the Xbox One with Windows Phone & Windows 10 Mobile

If you are still using Windows Phone or Windows 10 Mobile, it works Xbox One Smartglass App or the Xbox Console Companion. Make sure to sign in with the same Microsoft account both on your phone and on the console. When you tap on the console icon, it will discover the Xbox connected to the network.

Power Off the Xbox One

  1. You are already connected. The Xbox Console should be in green color.
  2. Tap the Xbox icon, and it will give you the option to turn it off.

Power On the Xbox One

  1. Tap the Xbox One Icon with WiFi on the top to show you a list of the console.
  2. Give this 2-3 seconds to show you the list of the console, which is offline.
  3. You will get an option to Turn it On.

I hope the tutorial was easy to understand, and you were able to turn on or off the Xbox One using the phone or Windows 11/10.

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