How to Present Videos in Microsoft Teams Meetings Without Lag

Do you have an urgent video presentation on Microsoft Teams and are worried about the lag? The dropping frames or missing audio track can negatively impact the other participants. In this post, we discuss the reasons that cause the dropped frames or lags and how you can present videos in Microsoft Teams meetings without lag.

What Causes the Lagging Issue in Presenting Videos in Microsoft Teams Meetings?

A few problems lead to the lagging issue in presenting videos in Microsoft Teams Meetings. For starters, the process starts with the video decoding on your end. It doesn’t matter if the video is a local file or something directly from the internet.

Sharing the video from your desktop allows it to go to the cloud and then back from the cloud to the audience’s device. There, the video needs to be decoded once again to view it.

The decoding and encoding hops and the difference in connection speeds while uploading, downloading, and re-downloading cause problems. It can lead to lagging and frame-dropping issues while presenting and viewing videos.

How to Present Videos in Microsoft Teams Meetings Without Lag

How to Present Videos in Microsoft Teams Meetings Without Lag Using Web Streaming & Powerpoint Live?

Are you anxious about getting rid of the lags while presenting videos? The primary aim is to get rid of the number of hops. There are two ways to help you present videos in Microsoft Teams meetings without lag.

In this article, we will explain both the ways that will help you fix the lagging problem using the below methods:

  1. Web Streaming
  2. Powerpoint Live

So, let’s check these methods one by one and help you fix the video lagging problem in Microsoft Teams meetings.

1. Web Streaming

Web streaming platforms such as Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, etc., use the process of transcoding. In this process, the resolution of the video is reduced as per the needs of the connection speeds. It leads to a massive reduction of the lag.

The same principle applies to Microsoft Teams meetings. Users can share the hyperlink of the online video amidst the presentation. You can request others to follow the link and stream from it simultaneously.

It would lead to the elimination of two hops. And that is how you can present videos when you host Microsoft Teams meetings using the web streaming method.

2. PowerPoint Live

The web streaming method mentioned above is a potential solution but not a great one. Another excellent way to stream the video synchronously is using PowerPoint Live and online video streaming for the video. With this method, you can accomplish the task of asking people to stream from the link simultaneously. Moreover, you get the added benefit of reducing the hop to one.

It can be done using the PowerPoint desktop app or the PowerPoint web. To use the PowerPoint web version, you must have the URL of the video you want others to see.

To do so, follow the steps below:

  • In the presentation, you need to select Insert from the menu and then choose Online Video, which you will find on the right-hand side of the screen.
    Click on Online Video Button in PowerPoint
  • A new window will open, paste the video URL and click on the Insert button.Paste URL and Click on Insert in Powerpoint
  • Then, stretch it to make sure that the entire slide is covered. Test it to see if everything’s working or not.

You can apply this solution when joining an ongoing Microsoft Teams meeting. Even if the other participants use Teams on different devices and in various ways, you can present videos without issues.

For that, you need to follow the steps below:

  • Click on the share icon and go to PowerPoint Live.Click on Share Icon in Microsoft Teams
  • Select the presentation you just created above.
  • Click on the play button to start the presentation.

Now, you can see the video on the screen of other participants too. The video plays in complete synchronization, and there is no lag whatsoever.

You can now present a video without lagging in a Microsoft Teams meeting with this clever trick. You need to know how to use PowerPoint Live and Microsoft Teams to stream the video from the internet.


These are how you can handle the laggy and dropped frames problem associated with Microsoft Teams video presentation. So the next time you schedule a Microsoft Teams Meeting, don’t worry about any lag.

How to Hide Presenters on Teams Meeting?

To hide meeting presenters, either you can enter in full-screen mode to hide everything. Only the screen shared by the presenters will be visible. You can also click on three dots followed by Focus on the Shared Content button.

Cant See All Participants in Video Microsoft Teams?

No method allows you to see all participants at once in one meeting. Microsoft Teams support 300 members to join in one meeting, so it is impractical to show everyone at the time. Max of 49 people can be seen at one time during a session. However, if you have less than 49 people joining, you can see them all at once.

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  1. But when used MS teams then share Power point online and share video, it’s only work in internal Organizatiion , not worked if there’s any participant from external organization .


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