How To Print Multiple Files Together in Windows

Printing files individually is a time-consuming job. And if you have a lot of documents or PDF files to print out, then it will take you a lot of time. Hence, you might want to print multiple files together and automate the whole process. So the question is how to print multiple files together in Windows?

Unfortunately, Windows itself doesn’t offer you an option to print multiple files together. But luckily, there are lots of freemium and premium tools available for this specific job. And in this article, I will be talking about such tools only.

How To Print Multiple Files Together in Windows

How To Print Multiple Files Together in Windows

To print multiple files together on Windows 10, you will need to download third-party software. And for this, I have handpicked the following tools:

  1. Print Conductor
  2. DarkStorm’s Batch Print Handler
  3. 2Printer (Command Line)

We suggest you try each of all the software and make an informed choice. Also, make sure that you have properly configured your Printer driver.

1] Print Conductor

The Print conductor is one of the best tools to print large volumes of files easily. There is no need to open each file manually or select a printer. Instead, you configure your print settings and select your files, and it will automate the whole process.

Plus, it allows you to drag and drop your documents into the list. Even, it also supports 90+ file formats. So printing docs, pdfs, images, or any other file formats would be a cakewalk for you. What’s more? You can download the software absolutely free.

print conductor print multiple files


  • 90+ supported formats.
  • Print your documents in sorted order.
  • You will get a detailed report on print completion.


  • Some features are only available to premium users only.

Steps to Print Multiple Documents using Print Conductor

  • Keep your files ready, and then launch the application.
  • Next, drag and drop your documents or add files by going to Add Documents or Add Folder option.
  • Then from the select printer dropdown menu, select your printer.
  • Finally, click on the Start Printing button to print multiple files together.

DarkStorm’s Batch Print Handler

DarkStorm Batch Print Handler

Next, you can check out DarkStorm’s Batch Print Handler. This one is a .NET application that is designed for batch print documents.

You can download the tool absolutely free, and it can automate the printing process for Word/Excel and Adobe Reader documents. Plus, it also supports some of the popular image formats.


  • Batch print Word/Excel and Adobe Reader documents.
  • Supports some of the popular image formats.


  • The user interface isn’t that appealing.

Steps to Print Multiple PDF File using DarkStorm’s Batch Print Handler

  • At first, download DarkStorm’s Batch Print Handler and install it on your computer.
  • Once installed, launch the tool.
  • Then select the folder location where your files are located.
  • Finally, select an active printer from current printer settings
  • Click on the OK button to start printing multiple files.

Download from Sourceforge

3] 2Printer

2printer.print multiple files command line

2Printer is another best tool for batch printing. However, the only drawback of this tool is that it is a command-line tool. But the good part is that it can batch print multiple documents and images from a specified location to any printer.

Plus, it comes with lots of useful parameters and stands out to be the best application to use workstation, server, or you can integrate it onto other software. Also, you can download the software free of cost.


  • Supports different printers.
  • Offers you schedule printing support.
  • Print PDFs and other file types.


  • Too complicated to use.
  • There is no user interface available.

Steps to print Multiple files using 2Printer

  • At first, download 2Printer from its official website and install it on your computer.
  • Then go to the Windows search bar and open Command Prompt.
  • Over here, enter the following command and press enter button to print multiple files together.
2printer.exe -src "C:\In\*.*" -prn "Xerox 2050"

However, this command may look alien to you. But over here:

  • -src stands for the source for your files, and it can be a path to a folder or a file or a .txt file with paths. So do replace C:\In\ with the destination folder where your files are located.
  • *.* stands for any filename – point – any file extension. It should be added after the folder path so that 2Printer can take any files from there.
  • -prn stands for the printer’s name. After -prn enter your printer name. “Xerox 2050”.

As a result, the complete command should look like

 2printer.exe -src "C:\In\Invoice.docx" -prn "HP 2030”.

Download 2Printer

So that was all for your how-to print multiples files together question. Now go ahead and try these tools out and see which one is working the best for you.

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