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How to Print Photos from Windows 10 Mobile on Your Local Printer

Windows 10 Mobile has native printing integration at many places like Maps, Document etc. In a recent update to Photos App, this feature is now enabled for pictures as well. You can now print directly from your Windows 10 Mobile to any supported printer in the same network as your phone.

How to Print Photos from Windows 10 Mobile on Your Local Printer:

  • Launch Photos App.
  • Open any photo, and tap on the menu bar (…).
  • The expanded menu gives you the option of Print.

Print Photos Windows 10 Mobile 1

  • Tap on print to open the Print Preview.
  • Here you get option to select one of the multiple printers in your network or PDF as option.
  • You can select Orientation, Size, Photo Size and Fit.
  • If you want to change Page Layout, Paper and Quality, click on More Options at the end.
  • Tap on Print button to begin.

If you are not able to find your printer listed, please double-check if the printer, and the phone are on same wi-fi network.  Also make sure your printer is turned on.  The option too directly connect to printer over Direct WiFi or Bluetooth is missing as of now.

Photos app come with option to edit photos (crop, effects, brightness control, etc) which is useful many a time to make it look pretty in the final result. Make sure to use them. I expect Microsoft to add the option to edit right from here so one don’t have to go back, and forth if the preview is not appealing. There is no way to print multiple photos as of now.

In case you aren’t able to find your photos from OneDrive listed in the Photos App, you will need to turn on an option. Open Settings > Under Microsoft OneDive > Enable Show my cloud-only content from OneDrive. You can choose to select if pictures from only Pictures folder should show up or from anywhere on your OneDrive.  (Also check out List of New Features in Windows 10 Mobile)

In this update, Photos App now also shows the used space of your OneDrive Account which is under Settings.

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