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How To Print Screen in Windows To Take a Screenshot

Capturing a screenshot is an essential feature. It comes in handy when you want to capture an online transaction, a web page, or show a PC error to someone. Also, there are different ways to take a screenshot in Windows. Like you can capture the whole screen, a specific area, or a specific Window. So the question is, how to print a screen in windows to take a screenshot or what are other ways to take a screenshot on Windows?

Well, let me go ahead and talk about some of the easiest ways to take a screenshot on Windows 11/10.

Print Screen Windows Screenshot

How To Print Screen in Windows To Take a Screenshot

There are a couple of ways to take a screenshot on Windows. You can capture the entire screen or a specific part. In this article, I will be talking about the below methods and tools:

  • Print Screen
  • Snipping Tool
  • Game Bar
  • Lightshot
  • PicPick

Now let’s talk about all of these methods individually:

1. Print Screen

If you look at your computer’s keyboard, you will find a Print Screen or PrtScn button. The button takes a screenshot of the entire screen instantly. But it doesn’t save the screenshot as a file. You will need to go to Paint and paste the screenshot over there to save it. After that, you can save the file as JPG, PNG, or any other format.

Apart from this, you can also set the print screen button to open the Snipping Tool. But you have to first enable it by going to Settings > Accessibility > Keyboard > Over here, toggle on the Use the print screen button to open the screen snipping option.

Once enabled, you need to press the print screen button, and you will get the option to capture the screen area to save it as a screenshot. Then the screenshot will appear on the right side of your screen; click on it to save the screenshot.

Apart from this, there are two key combinations that you can use for taking screenshots. These methods are the:

  • Windows key + Print Screen: When you press Windows key + Print screen, it captures your entire screen and automatically saves the screenshot. Once you press the keys, your screen will dim for a sec, and the picture will get saved in your Pictures folder.
  • Alt + Print Screen: The Alt + Print Screen key combination helps take a screenshot of your currently active window and copy the screenshot to your clipboard. So when you want to use it, you will need to paste the screenshot in Paint or any other photo editor to edit and save it.

2. Snipping Tool

Snipping Tool is yet another built-in tool in Windows for taking screenshots. You can use this to take screenshots of a specific area of your screen, a Window, or the entire screen.

You have to click on the Windows start menu, search for the Snipping Tool, and launch it to get started with this. You can also use Win + Shift + S to launch the Snipping tool.

Once you are on the Snipping Tool, you can click on the +New button to select an area to save it as a screenshot. Alternatively, you can also click on the Rectangle mode dropdown menu and select any other mode for taking screenshots. For instance, select Full-screen mode and click on the New button. It will instantly take a screenshot of the entire screen.

If you need a delay in your screenshot to click on something, take a screenshot, then first open the Snipping Tool by searching in the Start Menu, add a delay, and then a screenshot using one of the modes.

3. Game bar

Next, there is the Game Bar. It is another built-in tool in Windows made for clicking screenshots and capturing gameplay videos.

To use it, you have to press the Windows key + G. Then press the capture button from the top left corner. Or you can use the Windows key + Alt + PrtScn keyboard shortcut to snap a full-screen screenshot.

Moreover, you can also add a custom Game bar screenshot keyboard shortcut. For that, you will need to go to Settings > Gaming > Xbox Game bar.

4. Lightshot

Apart from Windows’s built-in tools, you can also give it a try to Lightshot. You can select any area on your desktop and take a screenshot with this one.

Also, the best part is that you can upload your screenshot and get a quick short sharing link. So if you want to show any PC error to anyone, this feature will be helpful.

Moreover, it comes with many editing tools that you can use to edit your screenshots. Plus, it allows you to find similar images and has lots of other cool features.

You can also download Lightshot on Windows free. Download it from its official website and install it on your Windows system.

5. PicPick

Lastly, there is the PicPick. This one is also one of the best screenshot capturing tools you can try out.

It is a fully-featured screen capture tool that packs an image editor, color picker, pixel ruler, protractor, whiteboard, and more.

You cannot only capture screenshots. But this also helps you to annotate and highlight your images. Or you can easily add effects to your pictures. Plus, it makes it easy for you to share your captures with others.

The software is also completely free to download. However, there is also a premium version of it available if you need extra features.

How Do I Screenshot a Small Section of My Computer Screen?

Use the snipping tool to select the specific area that you want to save as a screenshot. Launch the snipping tool from the Start Menu, click on New and select the area. Finally, save the capture in your desired location.

How Do I Screenshot on Windows?

To screenshot on Windows 11 or 10, you can use the print screen button on your keyboard if you want to capture the entire screen. Or use the snipping tool to capture a specific screen area.

How To Take a Screenshot in Windows Without a Print Screen?

You can use Windows built-in Snipping Tool to take a screenshot without the print screen button. Apart from that, you can also download Lightshot or PicPick.

So that was all for your how-to print screen in windows to take a screenshot question. I hope the above methods did help you to take a screenshot. If you have any other questions to ask, do drop a comment below.

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