How to Prioritize App Notifications in Windows 10 Action Center

Action Centre is one stop place to track all your notifications. Usually they are stacked on top of each other sorted according to apps, and timing of the notifications.  While it works well, it becomes crowded when you have tons of them, and most of the time, the important ones are buried down.  Starting with build 14316, Windows Anniversary Update, you will be able to Prioritize App Notifications. This was the top request by from Windows Insiders.

Prioritize Windows 10 Notifications

Steps to set Priority for App Notifications:

  • Go to Settings > System > Notifications & actions.
  • Scroll till you see list of apps with Notification toggle.
  • Tap on a specific app to adjust its notification settings.
  • You can prioritize its notifications in Action Center to be one of 3 levels: Normal, High, or Priority.
  • You can also adjust how many notifications are visible per app. The default is now 3 per app. If an app has more than 3 notifications, just click or tap to expand and see all notifications for that app.

How to Prioritize Windows 10 Notifications in Action Centre

Its great to see so many granular control is coming to Windows 10, and all thanks to Windows Insiders who are actually able to send out some solid feedback. This is the primary reason Microsoft has improved the Feedback HUB to make it lot easier for consumers who take a big step by installing an OS which is full of bugs on their system.

What do you think of this feature? Do you think it can be improved further? If you have ideas do share it with FeedBack HUB, and if the community likes it, its going to get up-voted, and who knows make it to the public release.

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