How to Prioritize App Notifications in Windows 10 Action Center

Action Centre in Windows 10 is a one-stop place to track all your notifications. Usually, they are stacked on top of each other sorted according to apps and the notifications’ timing.  While it works well, it becomes crowded when you have tons of them, and most of the time, the important ones are buried down.  This post will guide how you can prioritize app notifications for some over the others.

How to Prioritize App Notifications in Windows 10 Action Center

How to Prioritize App Notifications in Windows 10 Action Center

  • Go to Windows 10 Settings > System > Notifications & actions.
  • Scroll till you see a list of apps with a Notification toggle.
  • Tap on a specific app to adjust its notification settings.
  • You can prioritize its notifications in Action Center to be one of 3 levels: Normal, High, or Priority.
  • You can also adjust how many notifications are visible per app. The default is now 3 per app. If an app has more than 3 notifications, click or tap to expand and see all notifications for that app.

How to Prioritize Windows 10 Notifications in Action Centre

Here is the list of settings you can configure for notification

  • Toggle on or off
  • Choose where the notifications appear (Banner or Action Center or both)
  • Hide content when notifications are on the lock screen
  • Play a sound when a notification arrives
  • Number of notifications visible in Action Center
  • The priority of notifications in Action Center which can be top, high or normal

That said, you can also demote notification priority if there are too many from an application. Click on Action Center, and then right-click on any of the notifications. You will have the option to turn it off instantly. Some of the apps offer extra settings, which can reduce the number of notifications from them. However, there is no option to pin any app notification, so it always stays on the top.

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