How to Recover Xbox Gamertag Online and Offline

It may so happen that you have bought a new Xbox Console or accidentally deleted your profile, which means that all your game data, score, profile picture, badges all are missing. At these times, you might get into a panic that though all your profile is on the Xbox Live Online Account, but how do you get it on the console. The excellent news is Xbox has a recovery system in place to Recover Xbox Gamertag online and offline. The method differs between the Xbox One and Xbox 360. If you are still using Xbox 360, please check it accordingly.

Recover Xbox Gamertag on Xbox One

How to Recover Xbox Gamertag Online and Offline on Xbox One

While Xbox One used to offer an option to create an offline profile, the option is not available anymore. Any profile you create on Xbox One should be connected with a Microsoft account. That said, if you have forgotten your Gamertag and want to recover it, the only way is to use the same Microsoft account. You can finger out the Gamertag either from the Xbox Website or on Console or Windows 10 computer.

While you can use any of the methods, you should know the email and password for that Microsoft account.

Using Xbox Website

Xbox Gamertag on XBox Website

  • Go to and sign-in with the Microsoft account
  • Click on the profile picture on the top right.
  • You should see your Xbox Gamertag on top of your email id.
  • To manage further, you can click on the Xbox Profile link. It will display only Xbox related content.

Using the Xbox One Console

  • Press the Guide button to open the mini-guide on Xbox
  • Navigate to the extreme right, and click on the profile icon.
  • Right under that, you should have all the profiles available on the console.
  • Click on it to sign-in, and all data related to your profile should be available.
  • If you cannot see your profile, click on the Sign-in option, and use the Microsoft account.
  • Once you are signed-in, Xbox One will download all Gamertag related content.

Using Windows 10 PC

Recover Xbox Gamertag

If you are using the Xbox account on Windows 10 PC to play games, then you need to use the Xbox App. As soon as you launch it, it will use the Microsoft account of that Windows account, and sign in. Click on the hamburger menu on the top left, and it will reveal your Xbox Gamertag. If you are using a local account in Windows 10, then either you need to connect to a Microsoft account or use an account when prompted by the Xbox App.

How to Recover Xbox Gamertag Online and Offline on Xbox 360

  1. Recovering an Xbox Gamer Tag, which is associated with an online Xbox Live Account.
  2. Recovering a profile created on Xbox and never connected online.

How to recover Xbox Gamertag

1] Recovering Xbox Gamertag Online

  • Press the Xbox button to open the Xbox Guide Menu, and then sign out of your profile.
  • Then press the blue X button on your controller. It will sign you out if any profile is currently signed in.
  • Then you will see a new menu option which says Recover Gamer Tag. It is available right under the Create Profile Menu.
  • Make sure you are connected to the Internet.
  • Next, you will be asked to sign in to your Xbox Profile using your account credentials.
  • Once validated, you should see the message ” Downloading Profile. Please Wait”.
  • Now depending on how much data your profile has, which again depends on the number of games played, etc., It might take some time, which can be between 10 Minutes to sometimes 30 minutes.
  • Once Recovery is complete, You should see your Gamertag with a message “The account has been recovered to the console, You can now use it to sign in to Xbox Live.”

2] Recover Xbox Gamertag using Offline Xbox Profile

It is possible if you have taken a backup on a USB drive or any storage by moving it. To bring it back to your console :

  • Plugin in your storage device to Xbox console
  • Go to System Settings > Memory Unit and choose the one you have plugged in.
  • Get inside it and select the Gamer Profile Folders.
  • Select the profile you want to move and then move from the next option.
  • Then you will need to select the drive where you want to move. Once done, you should be able to load your profile from that storage drive.


  • Make sure you do not turn off your console else this will fail, and you might have to start again.
  • It is possible that if your storage device is new and never used before, Xbox will format it to make it compatible with Xbox File  System.

We hope the steps were easy to understand, and you were able to recover your Xbox Gamertag if you lost it.

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