How To Redeem Code and Microsoft Gift Card in Microsoft Store (Windows)

Gifting and promotions have changed in unimaginable. Nowadays, there are more digital gifts and promotional redemption codes than ever. Most major online app stores and marketplaces have gift cards and redeem codes, and so does the Microsoft store. This article will discuss how to redeem code and Microsoft gift card in the Microsoft store. Please make sure that you read this article till the end.

Redeem Code and Microsoft Gift Card in Microsoft Store

What are Microsoft Store Giftcards and Redeem Codes?

Microsoft store gift card and redeem code is a unique 25-character code that only digitally can redeem. Once complete, the gift card or code balance becomes part of the user’s Microsoft account. If they add a balance to your account, you can use it for in-app, and Xbox purchases in the store.

Microsoft store gift cards and redeem codes are entirely the same and are redeemed through the same process, but there is a slight difference in their purpose. Redeem codes are shared by businesses, in formal settings like corporates, or as a compliment with other products. On the other hand, Microsoft store gift cards can be bought either digitally, where the gift card is sent in an email to the recipient, and the mail is designed to look like a gift, or the gift card can be purchased physically from authorized sellers.

Redemption codes and Microsoft store gift cards can only be redeemed online for digital purchases. Currently, Microsoft does not allow the redemption of gift cards and redemption codes for physical purchases.

How To Redeem Codes and Gift Cards in Microsoft Store

There are two easy ways to redeem codes and Microsoft gift cards. You can redeem the codes on the Microsoft store application for Windows or the Microsoft store website. You can only redeem the code once, and it is non-refundable. This method is pretty straightforward. However, you can only do this on a Windows computer with a Microsoft store. Here’s how to redeem the code or Microsoft gift card in:

  • Press the Windows key and search for Microsoft Store in the search bar. Open it.
  • In the top right corner of the homepage of the Microsoft Store, click on the profile icon next to the search bar.
  • Find and click on Redeem code or gift cards.Redeeming A Gift Card on Microsoft Store App
  • Now, a redemption code or gift card window will open. Enter the 25-digit Redeem code and proceed with the onscreen instructions to complete the redemption process.

Redeeming A Code Or Microsoft Gift Card On Microsoft Store App

Please ensure that you are logged in to the correct Microsoft account, as the redeem codes or gift cards are non-transferable and non-refundable.

How To Redeem Code & Microsoft Gift Card on Microsoft Website

You can access the Microsoft store only on Windows PC, while the website is available on any operating system from a computer or smartphone. To redeem the code or Microsoft gift card on Microsoft Website, head to and log in with the Microsoft account you wish to redeem the code. Then, enter the 25-digit code and proceed with onscreen instructions to complete the process.

Redeem Code or Microsoft Giftcard On Microsoft Website


While buying gift cards, please make sure you buy them from authorized sources. To verify the authenticity of a gift card, you can head to the redemption page and type the gift card code. If the card is valid, the website will show the balance and ask if you wish to add it to your account. You can add it or terminate the process by verifying the gift card. We hope you found the article to be insightful. Please make sure that you share it with everyone.

How Do You See What Codes You Have Redeemed?

Please review your Order History page to verify that your card or code was redeemed. Look for the redemption date to view the order number and how the card or code was used. The card or code was applied successfully if a Redeemed code is present under the Payment method.

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