How To Reinstall Mouse Driver in Windows 11/10

One of the worst things that you can experience is when your computer mouse stops working. You cannot click anymore, open apps and programs quickly, or navigate on your computer seamlessly. And often, it can be fixed with a simple mouse driver reinstallation. So the question is, how to reinstall mouse driver Windows 11/10?

Reinstalling the mouse driver is extremely easy. But since your mouse is not working, I can imagine how hard it would be to navigate through your computer.

But not to worry, I have shared the steps to reinstall the mouse driver with keyboard shortcuts.

reinstall mouse driver Windows

How To Reinstall Mouse Driver in Windows 11/10

Windows automatically installs all the essential drivers, including the mouse driver. However, sometimes the mouse driver that Windows installs doesn’t comply with your mouse or is a generic driver. As a result, it’s a good idea to reinstall. Also, there are various ways to do it, but in this article, we will be talking about the following methods:

  • Download Driver From OEM Website
  • Use A Driver Updating Software
  • Reinstall Using Windows Update

Now let me go ahead and talk about all of these methods individually:

1] Download Driver From OEM Website

uninstall mouse driver device manager

Before you install the latest mouse driver, you will need to uninstall the existing ones. For this, you have to follow the below steps:

  • Press Windows key + X and go to Device Manager.
  • Use Tab and the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate to the Mice and other pointing devices and expand it.
  • Next, uninstall all the drivers you find under it by pressing the right-click menu key on your keyboard and Uninstall Device button.
  • Once uninstalled, restart your PC

The best way to get the right driver for your mouse is to head over to the OEM’s website and download the driver from there.

For instance, if you are using a Logitech mouse, you first need to figure out its model name.

Once you know your mouse manufacturer and model details, you will need to go to the manufacturer’s website and look for any download driver option.

After that, download the correct driver for your mouse using the model number and install it by following all the onscreen instructions and checking if it works for you.

2] Use A Driver Updating Software

Without a doubt, downloading drivers from the OEM’s website is a great idea. But sometimes, it is tough to find the right driver software.

That is where driver updating tools can be a great help. Driver updating software scans your computer and looks for missing drivers. And then they give you the option to install the latest drivers.

So there is no need for you to search for any drivers manually. However, there are many driver updating tools available. So to make things easy for you, we have already covered an article on the best third-party software to update drivers.

3] Reinstall Using Windows Update

install mouse driver windows update

Windows now allow you to install the latest drivers using Windows update. So you can look for available Windows updates and see if that works for you. For this, you have to follow the below steps:

  • At first, press the Windows key from your keyboard.
  • Search for Check for updates and press enter.
  • Use the Tab key to navigate to the Check for updates button and press enter.
  • Now Windows will start looking for available updates.
  • If there is any update available, then Windows will automatically download and install for you.

How Do I Fix My Wireless Mouse Not Moving?

First, make sure your wireless mouse charger has enough battery. You can try replacing its batteries or charging it up. If that doesn’t work, try using your wireless mouse on another device and see if it works. If your mouse is working fine on another device, you have to reinstall your wireless mouse drivers.

How Do I Remove a Mouse From the Device Manager?

From device manager, expand Mice and other pointing devices options. Then right-click on the mouse drivers and select Uninstall device. You can also use the OEM software to remove the installed driver.

Is It Safe to Uninstall the Mouse Driver?

Yes, it is safe to uninstall mouse drivers. In most cases, Windows will automatically install mouse drivers as soon as you uninstall it or perform a restart. But sometimes, your mouse doesn’t work, and in such cases, you can uninstall the mouse driver to install fresh drivers.

So that was all for how to reinstall the mouse driver in Windows 11 and Windows 10. Now go ahead and follow the above steps and see if they work for you. Also, if there is anything you would want to ask, then do feel free to drop a comment below.

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