How to Change or Rename Hey Cortana on Windows 10 to anything

If you are using Windows 10, I am sure you know about Cortana. Microsoft’s digital assistant which does a lot of things like from reminding you about flight details to bills, and crack some jokes. One thing that she doesn’t allow you to do is to change her name. In this post, we will share how you can rename the wakeup word Hey Cortana to anything you like.

Change Hey Cortana to What You Like Windows 10

How to Change or Rename Hey Cortana on Windows 10 to anything

LazyGuyz has developed a small software which keeps running in the background and intercepts the wakeup word. It listens to the wakeup word you set and invokes Cortana internally just like when you say Hey Cortana. You can add multiple wake-up words, and even call by many names. She will answer to that, without being mum. So instead of saying “Hey Cortana” do this, do that, you could call “Mrs. Chief, How is the weather like?”.

Download and launch the program. Then add call words or wakeup words in the box. You can add any number of keywords.

Here is the list of features:

  • Rename Cortana to anything
  • Activate the app using voice command: Hey Start Listening
  • Deactivate the app using voice command: Hey Stop Listening
  • Personalizing Cortana experience
  • Portable(No installation needed)

So how is this working underneath? Very simple. It first picks up the command you say, and then invoke Cortana with your query. So yeah, you aren’t going to see Cortana appearing magically with microphone auto turned on, but it will still work. You will need to enable the Cortana keyboard shortcut which will be instructed when you launch it for the first time.

The app is lightweight and should not be a problem using it. Since its portable, you can get rid of it anytime you want, or keep it in one of those folders you hardly use. However, we will recommend you to continue using it, and maybe if it become popular, Microsoft will realize that people will love to this way.

Download the file from here

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