How to Restore and Backup Windows Phone ( Homebrew )

As of now there is no official solution available in Zune which allows you to backup and restore your Windows Phone ( WP / WP 7.5 Mango )  phone to a state where it was working.  But good thing is because of support from XDA-Forums members,  hx4700 Killer has developed a custom hack which uses the Zune to backup.

Disclaimer : I will not take any gurantee if something happens to your phone, It worked for me and should work for every one else but then we have something called as Luck, So use it at your own risk

PS: If you are looking for Backup and Restore in Windows Phone 8, Read this and also view the video.

How these tools basically works ?

Zune only takes backup when a new update is available.  So in case the update fails, it can use the backup to restore your phone. This custom hack makes Zune think that there is an update available and forces it to take a backup.Same thing happens when it comes to restoring. So everything is getting done by Zune we are just making it think different.

Before using any of these tools make sure you previous update if any is saved. It can be found at C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Phone Update. Whatever is there, copy and paste it anywhere you want.

There are three tools here :

The first two tools skip anything which syncs with Zune i.e. picture, music video etc. The last tool backups everything. So depending on what you want choose wisely.

WP7 Easy Backup Beta by MarcHoover

This tool is a complete solution and very easy to use because it comes with one package. All you need is run the Wp7EasyBackup.exe and choose backup. Download from here

WP7 Easy Backup Beta Files


  • When you see Backup Complete on the App Screen as 100%, the backup is done. Wait for the phone to reboot
  • In case t is stuck you will need to pull the battery out.
  • You will also get a message from phone that update was unsuccessful, just ignore it.
  • Go to C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Phone Update and see if you find a folder
  • Then then launch Zune  > Phone Settings > Update and check  if you have option from their to restore

WP7 Easy Backup Beta

Restore :

  • You can very well restore using zune, no hamr done but if you prefer this application, then choose Backup Option.
  • Your phone will reboot and get into update mode and just restore your phone using the last update.

WP7 Update Cab Sender by XBOXMOD-YUKI

This is no fancy UI but does the job nicely. You get command prompt like screen here which will do restore and backup both.

  • Download the file from here, unzip and run WP7 Update Cab Sender.bat file
  • Choose B  Send Cabs to device with Backup
  • Choose R to restore.

Possible that your phone will be stuck for couple of minutes after it says installing update and your phone shows the progress bar is complete. So just wait for few minutes and your phone should reboot automatically.

WP7 Cab Updater Result

Backup Tool by hx4700 Killer

The only reason to create this tutorial is because the thread were the software was released has a lot of confusion on how to configure dll, PKS etc required files. So I have brought them all together and given a clear explanation on how it works and that it WORKS. In case you have questions drop in your questions at this thread.

Advantage of using this tool is that it also backsup your files like music, video synced with zune which makes backup very large.

Download the following Tools  and Files :

  • Windows Phone Support Tools:  32 Bit | 64 Bit 
  • Windows Phone 7 Zune Backup  v1.9 | Link
  • ZuneWmdu.dll 32 Bit | 64 Bit
  • PKS File :  Download
  • updateWP.exe : Download ( extract to find the file ) and use it if it is not there in your computer.
  • It is suggested to use Zune 4.7 version with this. Though I did everything with 4.8 and it was of no issue.

Video Demo : ( Watch on YouTube )

Setting up 

  • First Install the Windows Phone Support Tools.
  • Next extract rest of the files in a folder, Call it as WP Backup Tools.
  • In the same Folder create another folder called as Archive.
Windows Phone Backup Tools

How to Backup using this tool

  • By Default Zune Backups are stored at %LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows Phone Update. So visit that first and copy whatever is there to somewhere. In case something goes wrong we will bring it back.
  • Launch the Windows Phone 7 Zune Backup tools
  • Uncheck option which says use the default PKS file.
  • Click on Path Settings and set paths for PKS File Location, Archive Folder Location, And ZuneWmdu.dll 4.7 Path by browsing to locations which we did in Step 1.
Setting up File Path in Backup Tool
  • Next Connect your Windows Phone and then click on Backup Phone.
  • This will then restart the phone and you would get to see the same picture on the phone which you see in regular update. Basically this app makes Zune feel like there is an update and makes it to take a backup.
Bacup Windows Phone
  • Once backup is complete, you need to unplug your phone from USB cable. Also on your phone the progress bar will be full. In case it does not reboot itself, shut it down manually and start again. In case you get warning message which says backup was not complete ignore it.
Complete Baclup Info
  • Now if you go to %LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows Phone Update you will see you have a folder  with name as Restore Point, get inside and you will have a folder with number. Check the size of it, if it matches with the total space occupied in Zune, you are done.

Backup File with Size

Manage Backup :

This tool also comes along with a Management tool which allows you to move your archived files to a set location which you have already done.

You can click on Archive Current Back to move from the default backup location to choice of yours and you can also move an archived backup to default location.

Windows 7 Restore Archived Backip to Default location


Restoring your Windows Phone

Now there are two ways here. Either you can restore your phone using this same tool or you can launch Zune and under update you can see that a restore point is available. However this tool lets you backup any number of such restore points which is a very big advantage. So what I did was tried both the methods and they worked nicely. I had to reset twice but that’s another story.

Restore Point in Zune

One thing to remember here is that Zune will be of no use if you hard reset your phone and then try to recover your phone. It can only be useful if you want to restore some big size apps or restore yourself to certain period because when you do a hard reset, the Zune will forget you.

But using this custom backup tool, you can recover a phone which has gone through a hard reset. So if you are kind of person who needs to switch between two live id, this is the tool for you if you can spend 30 minutes for this.

Done this your phone will be in same state as it was before. All your apps, email configuration, wi-fi connections etc will be as it is.

 Restore using Cutom Tool without Zune

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  1. Can I restore to different handset? I want to switch from the Focus to Focus S but can’t just start from scratch on the new phone, to much time invested configuring everything.

  2. This will not work for two reason, First hardware has changed so you have different drivers, Secondly it is zune which ia doing restore which will find its a different phone.

    What you and many are looking is for a transfer cable like Xbox has to move profile, game and saved game data from one phone to another. Hope Zune someday will have it

  3. Agreed. Microsoft should come with a data transfer tool like Xbox has. Not sure if it’s in plan even though this is a know problem.

  4. I followed your post and it did not work.

    I am using Windows 7 , 64-bit.

    Tried version 1.9 of the Backup utility. No success with it or v1.4 (per your other post).

    I have Zune 4.8.2345, and used the v2 Windows Phone Support Tools (which does not include the updateWP.exe file). I used the updateWP.exe version 4.8.2345, and the ZuneWmdu.dll ver. 4.8.2345.

    The Backup 1.9 reports various errors, such as :

    “Checking the Use 4.7 backup method box indicates you have the 4.7
    windows phone tools installed but the version detected is not 4.7.
    Please uninstall the current phone tools then re-install 4.7 or uninstall
    and let the program re-install them for you.”

    I ignored that and selected “Use 4.7 Backup…” and it reports the error:

    “An error occurred while performing the backup. The error text will be in the
    clipboard. The error text is:
    The installed version of ZuneWMDU (4.7.1404.0) doesnt match the tool version (4.8.2345.0).”

    Then I try to uncheck the “Use 4.7 Backup…” and cannot set the ZuneWMDU.dll path to point to version 4.8.2345 (the program returns an error that it is not version 4.7…)

    If I try to backup (neither “Default PKS” nor “Use 4.7 Backup…” checked), I get the error:

    System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly ‘Interop.WM7UpdateLib, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null’ or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.File name: ‘Interop.WM7UpdateLib, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null’
    at Microsoft.WindowsMobile.DeviceUpdate.DeviceManager.Initialize()
    at Microsoft.WindowsMobile.DeviceUpdate.DeviceManager.get_Instance()
    at wm7update.Program.Main(String[] args)

    WRN: Assembly binding logging is turned OFF.
    To enable assembly bind failure logging, set the registry value [HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Fusion!EnableLog] (DWORD) to 1.
    Note: There is some performance penalty associated with assembly bind failure logging.
    To turn this feature off, remove the registry value [HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Fusion!EnableLog].

    Thus your suggestion that “Though I did everything with 4.8 and it was of no issue” is certainly not working for me.

    Also, it is not clear in your video which versions you are using. I believe you state Zune is 4.8, but you are not very clear about the ZuneWMDU.dll version you are using, and how you got around the 4.7/4.8 conflict.

    Could you please clarify this. I signed up at XDA, but was not allowed to post on the thread you link to as a new user. You may want to clear that up in your article if possible, since it is useless to non or new XDA users.

    Thank you very much: I’m sure I speak for many in saying how much your hard work and efforts are appreciated.

  5. Hi mcampbel,

    I will be testing couple of tools today to see if the backup restore works with them. So if I am not able to solve them, I will add those tools here so you can make use of them.

  6. Can this be used to change my microSD card from 8 to 32gb on a Samsung focus? I need more space but dont want to have to rebuild the phone manually when I swap SD cards.

  7. Chris, Thats a Tricky Question, I haven’t tried it till now with microSD Card. Logically even if you do and it fails, the restore will anyways wipe it if you use 8Gb Card Again. I will try it out when I get a SD Card. Let me know if it works for you.

  8. Are you saying that if I run the backup, I can put my 8gb card back in and run a restore to get back to where I was if the upgrade fails? If so, I have no problem giving it a try since this seems to be a roll back option. I just cant risk losing my data and setup as I use this for work….

  9. If for Work then please do NOT Try. I will let you know when I try so you can check and if you get to know in comments. Thanks

  10. any advice on recovering photos/videos after reseting the Samsung Focus through the phones settings? My phone was so messed up that it would not connect to my Mac, a pc, or even the usb port at the store. I had no choice except to reset and I lost all my baby’s videos because the focus does not let you send the videos or save them to anything. Thank you.

  11. From where do I source the UpdateWP.exe? I was under the assumption that Windows Phone Support Tools v2(WPSupportToolv2-amd64.msi) will have it but it didnt.

    How to proceed it that case? Any suggestions?

  12. Wait for a day, I am testing out two more tools and It seems they do work but I need to try myself. The best part is they comes as one single program so you do not have to hunt around for files. Will let you know.

  13. Can this method be used to backup my existing phone and restore it a new phone of the same model? i.e. HTC Mozart 75 Mango to a new replacement one if ever needed?


  14. No, they are signed and can only be used on the device they were taken from. Lots of encryption on this i.e. Its tied to Device ID which is unique for every phone.

  15. I thought as much.

    Thanks for your reply.

    I’ll start crawling XDAdevelopers see if there is more on this scenario

  16. Ashish, tbh everything. I mean I sync manually already and I don’t even want to do manual syncs all the time. Ideally a full backup of the rom would be excellent so you can just flash a new(same model) handset and away you go. That way, all settings, customisation, app, stored memory is transferred across.

    Are these the plans for WP8 you think?

  17. Understood your requirement. Unless MS improves Zune and comes up with a Migration Tool, like xbox, I doubt this will happen. I have lot of opes with Win Phone 8 lets see.

    And to let you know Backing up SMS is possible and you can even switch devices. Have that post listed on sidebar if you want to check out.

  18. I’ve used a couple of these apps, and they work. But they are only really useful if you are restoring data to the same device. What if you get a new phone, and want to migrate the data to this phone? How can you restore it on a new device? I’m not talking about a different phone model even. How do you restore data to a new handset but the same model? The Zune software won’t let you restore to a different device.

  19. Hello, I have Samsung Focus I677 (Flash) I updated the phone and now i can’t unlock it. But the worst thing is that i tried many ways to fix this and i reinstaled Zune…so now in the folder where suppose to be the old update there is nothing. I will be very thankful if you tell me from where can i find old update for my pfone?

  20. It only saves the backup at C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Phone Update . If its not there, this means the uninstallation process has removed the backup also.

  21. Hi,

    I want to upgrade from 16 GB to 32 GB on my HTC HD7.
    What tool I can use to restore the back up of 16 GB onto 32 GB?
    Appreciate your help.


  22. Hi Ashish,

    Thank you for the Backup tool bro,

    Just a quick question, Can we able to recovery deleted sms or called history from a Nokia lumia 800?

  23. Ram, I am not sure on that because nothing has been talked about it yet. Lets see if Nokia or Microsoft can surprise us.

  24. Hi Ashish

    1. My daughter somehow reset the phone the restore point I had with Zune doesn’t work as it seems to have forgotten the phone. I tried the methods here to restore it from my original restore point, but that didnt seem to work. I’m guessing that restore points made from zune are pretty much useless once the phone is forgotten?

    2. If that is the case, I was thinking of possibly be playing with the custom ROMs. If I backed up using the methods above, and changed a ROM, would I be able to switch back to my backup using the above techniques?

    3. If I used a custom ROM, would I not then receive the official windows 7.8 update when it’s released?

    Sorry, too many questions I know!

  25. No Problem on the question count.

    1. Did you look into the Zune Folders to find any kind of update still remaining?

    2. Custom roms do have a backup solution so yes you can using the above method. But do verify the compatibility when choosing a rom.

    3. You will have wait for Custom rom to bring in 7.8 update. The official update will no more work with custom roms.


  26. 1. The update does remain in the Zune folder, but it doesn’t let me restore it. It has an error something like 180812e (sorry, i cant remember the exact code, but it usually denotes that Zune can’t match the ID of the phone to the update). I tried all the above software, and the first 2 gave the same error as Zune,whilst the third looked like it completed but at the last second, it says that there was an error but doesnt tell me what the error is as its blank!

    2. If i take a backup of my phone as it is using the software above, and then install a custom ROM, if i want to return to my original ROM, could i just restore from a backup that I created above?

    3. If the official updates don’t work, do you know if the custom roms can be upgraded when new versions of the ROM are released so that the settings all remain? Also, if your experience, which is the best custom ROM? (i’m thinking of installing a custom ROM as i bought a radar on the orange network but the network had locked the internet sharing facility!)

    Thank you again

  27. 1. Guess then the software does the same as what Zune does. Security check for sure.
    2. Technically it should be possible but then again I haven’t tested it. I will suggest to ask @wphonehacker on twitter
    3. Again never tested a custom rom because its pretty complex, some RSPL and HSPL stuff and I had this only phone so never dared to take risk. Best is to ask in the XDA forums.


  28. I think i’ll stick with the official ROM. I was reading on one of the threads for NEXUS custom ROMs that depending on the update, you may be able to use a zip file on the root or may be even a re-install if there’s an intensive re-write of the script. I might install a custom ROM once all the official updates have been made!

  29. That will be a good idea. Windows Phone custom roms are not as easy as Android ones. Lot of security things done with roms and on the chip level. In Windows Phone 8 its even harder, you need kernel level hack.

  30. Hello! Really great posts! I’ve read also the one on the SMS backup. I have got a locked omnia 7 updated to Tango, and a Mango backup on Zune. I would like to do the interop-unlock to be able to save sms, but I’ve heard that interop-unlock is not possible on Tango. If I downgrade using the backup on Zune would i lose all the sms back to that point? If I take a backup with the homebrew utility now would I be able to restore it after the interop-unlock? Thank you very much!

  31. Hello,

    Thanks for this great posts. I haveNokia Lumia 800 (1750.0823.8858.12460) and need to backup SMS/MMS. Backup seems to be worked, not yet test restore ….
    The only way to check it, is to hard reset + restore…. but I must keep my SMS/MMS for juridic problem…. Is it possible to access data content after backup. I have multiple .dat file but they can be readable. Have you another tool to “read” content of backup to perform check before hard reset phone?

    Best Regards,

  32. Hello,

    I have take risk and reset my Lumia 800. Then try restore.. all works perfects.. many thanks to this app.

    Best Regards,

  33. After using wp7 easy backup, going to Go to C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Phone Update, i found a folder of 1.5 gb. I want to backup on other location in computer, so which specific folder should i copy to other lcoation in computer?

  34. Hi!

    Thank you for the tutorial! Unfortunately, I get an error message “The installed version of ZuneWMDU (4.7.1404.0) doesn’t match the tool version (4.8.2345.0).” I guess that is because your link to the updatewp.exe was defunct and I found it elsewhere – but as V 4.8 instead of 4.7. Do you still have the original updateWP.exe you used? Could you re-upload it?


  35. Hi,

    I wrongly deleted my photos in lumia 535. I can able to recover that photos ah?. Pls tell the procedure how to recover my photos..


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