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How to Send a Fax from Windows 10

As technology evolves, both individuals and companies are forced to adapt to stay relevant. When it comes to sharing and sending important documents, faxing is still a preferred method of communication for many organizations. Whether you’re a company sending client contracts, or an individual submitting health insurance documentation, knowing how to fax from your computer is a helpful skill to have.

Windows 10 is the latest and greatest from Microsoft – a powerful tool for both personal and business use. Here’s how you can send a fax from Windows 10.

How to Send a Fax from Windows 10

Online Faxing

Online faxing is an incredible evolution of traditional faxing that blends the best of both worlds. When it comes to sending a fax from Windows 10, using an online faxing service is the best option. Some of the numerous benefits of online faxing include:

  • Remote work-friendly – with so many businesses moving to a work-from-home business model, online faxing allows teams to access and share important information from anywhere.
  • eSignatures – collecting electronic signatures is an efficient way to keep contracts moving forward while maintaining legal status.
  • Enhanced security – online faxing is safer than leaving sensitive documents on a communal machine.
  • Affordable – using online faxing can dramatically cut business costs by limiting the use of paper, toner, etc.
  • Versatility – online faxing allows users to access information from smart devices and desktop computers and share large and small files, the options are endless.
  • Eco-friendly – using online faxing allows both businesses and individuals to cut back on their paper consumption, positively impacting the environment.

With so many positive features, it’s no wonder that many modern businesses are investing in online fax services.

The steps of sending online fax through an electronic fax service will vary based on your provider. Follow their detailed instructions to send a fax from Windows 10.

Windows Fax and Scan

Windows Fax and Scan is a built-in service that allows you to send electronic fax directly from Windows. While it sounds simple, there’s one major flaw: you need a landline. While this might be a feasible option for traditional office settings, it doesn’t work for many remote teams. It’s important to note that as of 2015, mobile-only users officially passed landline users in the United States.

Once you have a fax modem and landline in place, here’s how to send a Windows 10 Fax and Scan:

  • Search “Windows Fax and Scan” or ask Cortana for assistance.
  • Open the app.
  • Select “New Fax” in the top toolbar.
  • In the “To” field, enter the destination fax number.
  • Attach a cover page and any relevant documents.
  • Hit send.

While sending a fax from Windows 10 Fax and Scan is easy, it’s not a viable option for most modern entrepreneurs and teams.

Connected Faxing

Another way to send a fax from Windows 10 is to connect a fax machine to your computer. While this is a great option if you already have a fax machine in place, you’ll need to confirm that it’s compatible with your computer. Older models may not be compatible with Windows 10.

Again, using a traditional fax machine – even plugged into a computer – requires a landline. The only issue this approach solves is the need to print your documents before sending them.

Once you’ve confirmed that your machine is compatible and the fax drivers are installed on your computer, here’s how to send connected fax:

  • In your document, go to “File” and select “Print.”
  • In your printer options, choose the fax driver.
  • Type the destination fax number and hit “Send Fax.”

Final Thoughts

Windows 10 is a versatile tool for both business and personal use. However, using a third-party online fax provider is the best way to optimize communications. By creating a centralized, streamlined approach to communications, you can simplify your processes when using Windows 10.

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