How to Send Text or SMS from Windows 10 PC Using Cortana

In earlier Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10, Microsoft has enabled an intuitive feature for those who would love to send a text or SMS from their PC.  Cortana is Microsoft’s digital assistant and is more of a web service than being an app.  So if you have the same account, it does not matter which device you are on, it works the same.  Few features might change depending on your device.

Update: Cortana has been disintegrated from Windows 10. This method will not work anymore. We suggest using YourPhone app and Phone feature in Windows 10. Follow our detailed guide on how you can use it or use the Android web to send text or YourPhone to SMS from Windows 10 PC.

How to Send Text / SMS from Windows 10 PC Using Cortana

  • First Make sure that you are using the same account on your phone and Windows 10 PC.
  • Next launch Cortana, and then you either type “Send SMS” or speak “Send SMS to X” where X is the person name who is available in your contact book or the people hub.

Cortana Send Text from PC 1

  • Cortana will look for that person first, and when it finds it will also check if the person has a Phone number added to the account to send that SMS.

Cortana Send Text from PC 2

  • Once it finds it, it will ask you to speak or type the SMS, which will confirm by reading before sending it.

Cortana Send Text from PC 3

  • Once confirmed, Cortana then connects with your phone and sends SMS to that particular person. You will get a notification and also see the SMS in your Messaging App.

Cortana Send SMS from PC 4

If you are in a country or using an SMS pack which allows you to send unlimited SMS, this could be handy for doing time every time from your PC. However, Microsoft is yet to roll out an update to Messaging App PC, which will let you see the SMS, which is on your phone. Once that rolls out, it will be convenient.  Below is a video demo of how it works in real-time:

What I expect Microsoft to do next is to let users switch the default messaging app, e.g., WhatsApp, and let people send a text using any messaging app from PC. That will be a real deal because SMS is still a costly business in many countries.

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