How to Set Google as Default Search Engine in Windows 10 Mobile

When it comes to changing the default search engine in Windows 10 PC, and Windows 10 Mobile, things have changed a bit from choosing between Bing and Google in Windows 8.1 / Windows Phone 8.1 to Open Search Implementation. In simple words, Edge can now detect if a webpage you are now on can become a search provider like Bing, Google, and others. So here is how you do it in Windows 10 Mobile:

  • Open Microsoft Edge on the phone.
  • Type in the Search Engine website url and open it.
  • Now Select Menu Bar (…) > Settings > Scroll to Select “View Advance Settings”.
  • In next screen, look for a label which says “Search in the address bar with”. The default must be BING.
  • Tap on the button which says CHANGE.
  • Now, if you have open currently, you should see the option which says “Goole Search(discovered)”.
  • Tap and select Set as default.
  • To remove, select remove.

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While this could be confusing who are new to this, but this can be easier way to set any search engine which sticks to Open Search standards. You can add as many search providers you wish for, and manage them easily.

Done that, one thing you should know that this does not change the way Cortana makes a search. It’s purely based on Bing and when you use Cortana directly, it will still use Bing. However, any search made on the edge address bar will not use Cortana which means the amount of data that she takes to personalise search results for you go low.

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