How to Setup Kids Mode in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge offers a new Kids Mode for its browser. This is part of the parental control option built right in, which helps parents manage their children’s online experience without taking up a lot of extra work. Kids can be locked into the Edge browser and only have access to approved sites when the mode is enabled in the Edge profile option. If you’re a parent, here’s how you can set up Kids Mode in Microsoft Edge.

How to Setup Kids Mode in Microsoft Edge

What is Kids Mode in Microsoft Edge?

A lot of what Microsoft did with this mode is to think about parents passing a laptop over to their children to surf the web. You select between five to eight years of age and nine to twelve years of age once Kids Mode is chosen. These two age ranges restrict access to adult content in Edge and Bing SafeSearch with the highest level of tracking prevention. In addition to the 70 accessible sites on Microsoft’s list, parents will have to add any additional sites individually.

An adult must enter their Windows or macOS credentials to exit Kids Mode and switch back to their normal browsing. The blocking page asks for permission if the child attempts to view a site, not on the parent list.

How to Setup Kids Mode in Microsoft Edge?

Enable Kids Mode

If you’re running Microsoft Edge version 90 or later, you will have the option to enable Kids Mode. To check for the version you’re running, head over to the About Microsoft Edge page (edge://settings/help). Assuming you’re on the latest build, here’s how you can setup Kids Mode.

  • Start by pulling up the Microsoft Edge browser.
  • Next, Choose to Browse in Kids Mode from the profile menu at the top right of the browser page.
  • Now, choose from one of the two age ranges, including 5-8 years and 9-12 years.
  • You can also choose the Theme, Colors, and Background for the Start page by choosing the Colors and background button.
  • Finally, click on the Done button to enter into Kids Mode.

Choose Age Range Edge

Upon completion of these steps, the kid’s browsing experience will be activated, allowing users to navigate the web in a secured environment.

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How to Add or Remove a Website from the Allowed List

If you would like your child to access a website not mentioned on the list, you could also add or remove it from the list of websites that can be accessed with the Kids Mode turned on. Here’s how you can modify the list of websites:

  • Start by opening the Microsoft Edge browser.
  • Navigate to Settings and choose the Family option.
  • Next, under the Kids Mode section, select the Manage allowed sites title present right below. Always ask to choose the age range before starting kids mode.
  • Now click on the Add website button present at the right corner.
  • Type in the URL (for example, and press the Add button.
  • Similarly, to remove a website, click on the close button beside the URL to delete and block a website.

How to Exit Kids Mode in Microsoft Edge

If you’re ready to exit the Kids Mode in Microsoft Edge, how do you do it?

  • To exit the Kids Mode in Microsoft Edge, click on the Kids Mode button in the Address Bar and select Exit Kids Mode Window.
  • Later you’ll be asked to enter the password of your Windows or macOS computer’s administrator.

With that done, you’ll be right back into the regular Edge window.

That said, wasn’t configuring the Kids Mode easy? How do you plan to use it? Do let us know by dropping a comment down below.

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