How to Show Changes When Collaborating in Excel for the Web

If you’ve ever had the experience of sharing a Microsoft Excel file on the Web for collaborating, then you might understand the struggle that it tags along. One such feature is to display changes when multiple authors are working on Excel Online. While Excel on the desktop has for quite a while now enabled users to create shared workbooks and monitor changes, allowing multiple users to work together on a spreadsheet or workbook with the Co-Authoring feature, the same feature is the Show Changes feature for Excel Web and Powerpoint online users.

Where does the show changes in Excel useful?

For example, if you share a file with your team working remotely, you can now track what and how many changes a person has made to the Excel file. You can also find when the changes were made. This is a godsend, especially with the pandemic in effect. This post will guide you on how you can show changes when collaborating in Excel for the web.

Show Changes When Collaborating in Excel for the Web

What is Show Changes in Excel Online?

The Show Changes feature allows users to view all changes made to Excel workbooks within the last 60 days. It is applicable for files shared on OneDrive or SharePoint sites. The newly added Changes pane will allow you to see every change that has been made. There is information on the author, the location of the change, and what has been changed. You can access the Show Changes option under the Review tab.

How to View Shared Workbook Changes in Excel Online

If your question is: Is there a way of tracking changes in an online Excel sheet? The answer is yes. Here’s how you can bring up the Show Changes tool in Excel online.

Open Show Changes Tool, Excel Online

  1. In a shared Excel for the web file, navigate to the Review tab, and select the Show Changes button from the ribbon.
  2. This will bring up a new sidebar on the right side of your screen. The tool can be expanded or minimized by clicking on the arrow icon.

How to Review Changes Made to a Workbook in Excel Online?

Have you ever been in the situation when you’re looking for a change made by a specific user in a shared Excel sheet or looking for answers to how to view the history or the most recent changes to an Excel online file? Review Changes might be the option you’re looking for.

Find New Changes Excel Online

  1. Once you bring up the Show Changes panel, you’ll find a brief look at the changes, that includes the list of all the changes (you may also call it the Excel file history log) that have been made to the workbook, the person making the edit, the time when the edit was made and more.
  2. You can click on any of the tiles from the list of changes to find the particular revision. Alternatively, if the same person makes the majority of the changes, you’ll find them grouped. Tap on See Changes to see them all.
  3. Often, you may work on one spreadsheet while a different person is editing it on their end; if that is the case, you’ll notice a See New Changes notification at the top. Clicking on the See New Changes message will refresh the sheet and take you to the updated/latest revision.

How to Filter Changes based on Criteria in Excel for the Web?

If you’re looking for changes made by either a specific person or in a specified cell range, the Filter tool under Show Changes might be able to help you out.

Filter Tool, Changes Excel Online

  1. Once you’ve pulled up the Show Changes tool, select the Filter icon present with the shape of an upside-down funnel to bring up a drop-down with a list of options.
  2. You now have three options: filter by the name of the person editing the sheet or filter by a specified cell group, or finally, clear all the filters.
    • Hover over the Sheet drop-down and choose the name of the user you’d like to filter with.
    • Alternatively, you can select the Range filter, enter a specified location for the group of cells and press the Green icon.
    • Finally, when you’re satisfied viewing all the changes, select the Clear Filter option to return to the original sheet contents.

Sharing and Collaborating with Excel files online could be productive when used right. I hope the post easily explained how you can show changes when collaborating in Excel for the Web.

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