How to Show or Hide Libraries In Windows 11/10

Libraries consist of four folders majorly that assist users in managing the four most common file types: documents, music, photos, and videos. Windows Libraries are a fantastic method to keep your data organized. Windows allows users to create or remove files and folders from Libraries and rename existing ones. While it might be an efficient tool for many, it might not for another set of users. This post will guide you on how you can show or hide libraries in Windows 11/10 in File Explorer.

How to Show or Hide Libraries In Windows 11/10

How to Show or Hide Libraries in Windows 11/10

Is Libraries missing from your Windows File Explorer? Follow these steps to bring it back or push it away.

  • Start by opening the File Explorer (also known as Windows Explorer) and click on the three-dotted icon present at the top navigation bar.
  • Choose Options from the dropdown to open the Folder Options Window. Alternatively, you could also key in control.exe folders in a new Run Dialog and press Enter to launch Folder Options quickly.
  • Next, navigate to the View tab, scroll down, find and check the box stating Show Libraries under Advanced Settings.
  • Now, if you’d like to disable them instead, uncheck the checkbox next to the same Show Libraries and tap on Apply, and then OK.

How to Show or Hide Libraries In Windows

With this, you should notice a new Libraries section or have it removed. You can reverse your decision at any moment by reversing the changes you’ve made recently.

How to Add Files or Folders to the Libraries on Windows 11/10

If you prefer organizing files with Libraries, did you know that you could also create subfolders or add files to Library?

The process of creating a new folder under a library remains pretty much the same as a normal one. Right-click and choose New > Folder in a space and provide a title.

Add Files or Folders to the Libraries on Windows 11

As for including a file or folder into a library, follow these steps to accomplish the task. Head over to the path of the file or folder you’d like to include, right-click, choose to Show More Options, and tap on Add to Library > choose one from the list of available options or create a new library.

Now, if you’d like to remove a library altogether, right-click on the Library’s title (can be found in the left navigation pane of File Explorer) and choose Delete.

What is a Library in File Explorer?

Windows Libraries is a consolidated location for collecting all relevant files from several folders or PCs together in one place. Libraries are analogous to folders in that they arrange files and folders into logical units, even if the information isn’t physically stored in the same place. To phrase it another way, libraries are a collection of links to the actual file or folder locations on a user’s machine or a remote server.

Does Including a Folder in a Library Change the Storage Location?

No, the inclusion of a folder in a library does not affect the actual placement of the files or folders; instead, the Library is a window into those folders. Users engaging with files in a library, on the other hand, can reorder directories inside a library in Windows.

How to Hide Folders in Windows?

To hide a folder in Windows, right-click on the particular folder, choose Properties from the dropdown, check the checkbox stating Hidden under Attributes and click on Apply. You can also password protect it so you don’t have to hide it.

How Can I See My Hidden Folders?

To view any hidden files or folders in Windows 11, head over to File Explorer > three-dotted icon> Options > View Tab > Advanced Settings, check the radio button for Show hidden files, folders, or drives, and tap on Apply.

How Do I Bookmark a Folder in Windows?

Pinning a file or folder to Quick Access is one of the easiest ways to bookmark a file or folder in Windows. To do so, locate the folder you wish to pin, right-click it, and choose Pin to Quick Access from the menu. Check out our detailed guide on how you can bookmark a folder in multiple ways.

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