How to Sideload Apps on Windows 10 Mobile Using Developer Mode

Microsoft has enabled a web-based service–Device Portal–on Windows 10 Mobile which allows you turn on remote diagnostics over USB or Local Area network connection i.e. when your computer and phone are on same network.While the portal does a lot of things which is useful from developers perspective, it can also allow you to side load apps right from your computer without needed any physical connection or anything installed on your PC. This will definitely need but of technical skill, but it can be done.

How to Access Device Portal:

  • Go to Settings > Update and Recovery > For Developers > Enable Developer Mode.
  • Next go to Device Portal and Turn on remote diagnostics.
  • Once done, you can choose to enable authentication and get the URL (IP based)  to access it.

Important to note that there is a Sideload Apps option also available, but that will only work with Trusted Sources and Workplaces i.e. Enterprise. 

  • When you open that URL on your browser, it will ask for Password or PIN. To get that, visit the For Developer option again and this time turn on Device Discovery. It will popup to show a PIN which you can enter to get access to device portal. Also make sure to “Remember this Computer” option.

Device Portal Windows 10 Mobile

Done that, you get access to lot of things. You have App Manager, Processes, Performance, Devices and Networking.

How to Sideload Apps:

  • Go to Apps Section.
  • Get All the files required to install from the PC i.e. App Package, and dependency if any.
  • Upload them using the uploader and then click on Deploy.
  • If everything goes well, the app will be deployed to your phone.
  • Once deployed, select it from the drop down list and hit start, and you should see it under running apps.

Sideload-Apps Windows 10 Mobile

This place is little messy right now. You have tons of apps already available in the list, and they are the ones that are on the phone, but you don’t have any control on it.

Manage Connected WIFI Networks:

If you wish to change connected networks on the phone, and its profile you can do that. Go to Networking, and then you have option to :

  • Connected to previously connected WIFI networks or delete it.
  • Connected to New WIFI Network. The webpage allows you to enter the password. You an choose the new connection to be saved in the phone permanently.

Networking-Device Portal Windows 10 Mobile

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  1. Dear sir , how to sideload when i dont have internet on phone? i have mblaze(non-wifi) on pc . i want to sideload apps on my mi4lte . please help me.


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