How to Snap Apps in Xbox One using Controller or Kinect

Xbox One allows you to run two apps side by side a.k.a Snap Apps in Xbox One. One could be your game while other can be the TV or any other app liker Twitch that you can use to broadcast the current game.

In it’s recent update to Xbox One, NXOE, Snapping an app has become little different, and it has also increased the number of steps one has to take to do it. It can be done both through Kinect or using the Guide on the Xbox One Controller. Below is a quick video followed by detailed instructions:

Snap Apps on Xbox One Using Kinect :

Lets say you are playing a game, and you want to quickly starts streaming it to your pre-configured twitch account. Follow the commands below:

  • Xbox Snap Twitch.
  • It will launch switch in snap mode and set focus on it.
Snap Apps in Xbox One using Kinect Command
Snap Apps in Xbox One using Kinect Command
  • After you have started the streaming process, you need to obviously switch your focus back to game.
  • Say “Xbox Switch” and it shifts focus back to game.
  • Anytime you want to switch back to Twitch, repeat the same command i.e. “Xbox Switch”
Switch Apps in Xbox One using Kinect Command
Switch Apps in Xbox One using Kinect Command
  • To Un-Snap say “Xbox Unsnap”

Snap Apps on Xbox One Using Controller:

  • While on the game, double press the Xbox One Guide and it will open the left hand side guide on the console.
  • Now navigate down to last icon which looks like TV.
  • Then navigate to the left where all the apps are listed, select an app, and it will SNAP.
Snap Apps on Xbox One
Snap Apps on Xbox One
  • To switch focus using controller, double press the guide button, and it will straight away take you to part where that TV icon was there.
  • You have direct option to Unsnap, Switch to Game ( Symbol of the game shows up) or switch to the app.

While we are working towards more tutorials on Xbox One, let us know if you have question or something you want to us to write in the comments section.

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