How to Stay Updated About Covid-19 Using Your Smartphone

The world we know is changing the world we used to know for so long. This COVID-19 is a pandemic in modern days world. It is all over social media, news, and TV channels. COVID-19 is also known as the Corona Virus, which is changing the way of the world. The lives of the employees are also changing, which is why one is in luck if they don’t keep their eyes on the latest news update regarding Corona Virus or non gamstop Sports bookies.

One can use various sources like Twitter, Google, and news channels. It is now our must to do work to update ourselves about what is Corona Virus, from where it occurred, and how fast it is spreading throughout different countries and also how to prevent yourself from COVID-19. One can set an alert by signing up for text notification in their smartphones about when and how many schools and colleges or offices are being closed and how fast Corona is spreading in your locality.

How to Stay Updated About Covid-19 Using Your Smartphone

Google Alert:

Activate your Google alert for further updates.

How to turn on notification: Go to Google Alerts> Enter the topic you want to follow into the top search box. Then change the settings to your preference about how often you want to be notified. Click on create an alert. You can always go back and adjust a setting.

Apple Alert:

If anyone has Apple Watch or iPhone can receive emergency updates safety and government alerts on your device with other next and voice notifications.

How to turn on notification: Setting> Notification. Scroll-click on Emergency Alerts and Public Safety Alerts.

News App:

Various news channels help us to stay updated. In this global pandemic situation, one can sign up to news apps and best fitness apps that have their newsletter that provides you with updated information about COVID-19 through text messages into your message box, for example, whatever news app you are using like Oneindia, Newshelter, Way2online, Telegraph, TOI, etc. forward messages into your inbox. The CNET App ( iPhone, Android) and CNET on Apple send daily news. News channels also help us track stories about COVID-19.

Get Alerts for Your Area from Government Sites:

It depends on where you live. In case your city does not have any program like this, you can find a state-service through and government sites by going to [state].gov like or

Download New vumc2go App for COVID-19 Updates on Your Phone:

This app available in VUMC App Store is designed to inform VUMC employees about the growing situation of COVID-19. It helps employees to connect to their colleagues and help them to track COVID-19 cases. This app will evolve in the coming months to ensure more engagement.

Subscribe to WHO Website:

WHO delivers daily updates through there website by subscribing or searching directly through WhatsApp.

Twitter Send Corona Virus Sources:

How to turn on notification: Notification> Settings> SMS notification> crisis and emergency alerts.

These are the ways you can use to update yourself about the new pandemic situation named CORONA. Although without any settings change current system is sending us all possible notifications.

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