Stream Videos from Edge to Xbox or DLNA/Miracast Devices

Microsoft Edge now has a direct option to stream or cast media playing on the browser (local or online) to most of the DLNA devices and works straight forward with Xbox One.  This feature became available with a Windows Update and is now available for Edge Chromium as well. It is an excellent addition. The option has been built into the browser without any need of plugins or extensions. Here is a quick demo on how to Stream Videos from Edge.

The video demonstrates for an older version but works the same way.

Stream Videos using Edge to Xbox One & Other DLNA/Miracast Devices

Cast Media to Device in Edge

It also means that any local media that you can play using Microsoft Edge will be streamable. Like you can see in the video, open any online video from YouTube, or even photos from Facebook and select Cast media to the device. It will then list all the available devices which can take that stream through DLNA or Miracast and are on the same network.

  • Open any internet video or local video in Edge
  • Click on the Menu on the top left, and then click on More Tools > Cast Media to devices.
  • It will then search for nearby DLNA devices
  • Once the device appears in the list, choose to stream.

When you select cast media option on Xbox One, it launches the Films and TV App and starts playing the video along with the audio. While everything works fine, there are bugs, especially when it comes to streaming Facebook albums.

While Xbox One is straightforwardly supported, we need to check if other devices need any settings to works that way. You should also know that Edge does not recommend acting of protected content like Netflix and Hulu.

Do you Stream Videos from Edge from your computer to any device? Let us know what do you use.

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