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How to Stream Videos from Microsoft Edge to Xbox /Smart TV/DLNA/Miracast Devices

When watching a video on Microsoft Edge, if you want to stream it to Xbox, your Smart TV, or any DLNA/Miracast enabled device, this guide will help you do that. The feature has been natively integrated into the browser and comes in handy. You do not need an extension for doing this.

How to Stream Videos from Microsoft Edge to Xbox /Smart TV/DLNA/Miracast Devices

Cast Media to Device Microsoft Edge

It also means that any local media you can play using Microsoft Edge will be streamable. You can open any online video from YouTube or even photos from Facebook and select Cast media to the device. It will then list all the available devices which can take that stream through DLNA or Miracast and are on the same network.

  1. Open any internet video or local video in Edge.
  2. Click on the Menu on the top left and click on More Tools > Cast Media to devices.
  3. It will then search for nearby DLNA devices.
  4. Once the device appears in the list, choose to stream.

When you select the cast media option on Xbox One, it launches the Films and TV App and starts playing the video along with the audio.

While Xbox One is straightforwardly supported, we need to check if other devices need any settings to work that way. You should also know that Edge does not recommend streaming any protected content. Here is a video showcasing this feature.

How do I mirror in Microsoft Edge?

If you have opened anything apart from video and can cast it to another display, it will be as good as mirroring the content. It comes in handy when you want to work on a big screen. However, be aware that streaming may be slow.

How do I enable casting on Microsoft Edge?

You don’t have to enable anything but only use the option from the browser. Most of the browsers support this function. So if you have a Chrome browser, you should be able to cast or stream from that.

Why am I not able to stream when using Edge on MacBook?

Open Edge, and type edge://flags/. Find and enable Load Media Router Component Extension in it, and then stream. It should work now as expected.

I hope the post was easy to follow, and you were able to Stream Videos from Microsoft Edge to Xbox /Smart TV/DLNA/Miracast Devices. If you cannot find any device, make sure it is on or in discovery mode.

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