How to Stream Video Files to Xbox One from Windows 10 PC, Mobile & Macbook

Xbox One l comes with DLNA & Miracast Support which allows one to stream media file from Windows Devices, Macbook and can even mirror devices support Miracast. As a matter of fact, If you have Continuum enabled device, you can even stream to Xbox One, not only just mirror it. Lets find out how to stream files from Windows 10 PC, Windows 10 Mobile and Macbook.

How to Stream Files from Windows 10 PC :

  1. First make sure to connect your Xbox, and Windows 10 PC on the same network. It can be though WiFi or over a  Lan Network.
  2. On your Xbox One. Go to Settings > Preferences > Game DVR & Streaming > Enable “Allow Play To Streaming”
  3. On Windows 10 PC, go to Settings > Devices > Connected Devices. You should see your Xbox One listed here. This means your setup is ready.
  4. Now on your Windows 10 PC, select any media file and right-click. Choose “Cast to Device” and select Xbox One.

Cast to Device Xbox One from Windows 10 PC

** The name “Xbox One” can be changed from the Console to anything you wish, and that’s how it will show up here.

How to Stream Files from Macbook :

Those who own a Macbook will need to use this app named as “Sofaplay” which streams music, and videos to your Xbox One.  The support for Xbox One was recently added. The app comes with Lite, and Paid version. The former allows you to stream unlimited photos to your Xbox One, but limited videos to two minutes.

Macbook to Xbox Stream Sofaplay

  • Enable PlayTo like you did above.
  • Next launch Sofaplay App on your Macbook, and it will start searching for DLNA enabled devices. Your Xbox One should get visible here. Make sure its turned on.
  • Next drag the file you want to stream, and drop it in the app. It will automatically launch the default player on Xbox One (The Video App), and starts streaming.
  • You will be able to control the volume, time line, and play/pause option using the app.

How to Stream from Windows 10 Mobile :

  • Make sure the devices are on same network.
  • Open File Explorer App and Navigate to the file you want to stream.
  • Launch it. It may start playing instantly, pause it.
  • Next look for a rectangular icon with wi-fi on top right. This is the icon which means “Cast to”. Tap on it.
  • Next it will search for DLNA enabled device or Bluetooth devices which support streaming.
  • Tap on Xbox One, and wait till it connects.
  • This starts streaming with option to control volume, playback etc on your phone.

Stream to Xbox One from Windows 10 Mobile




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